Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday Memories: The Beginning

flash back two years and you will find

a spunky librarian; she was so kind!

she loved her patrons, young and old

but in 3 short months, a prince she'd behold!

he was busy looking his best

and wore an old 70's vest

and then they met at church one morn'

and he caught her eye by his shoes that were worn

bright blue sneakers? Jesus sandals too?
(yep, that's C! as a toddler!)

he looked really popular, so she bid him adieu

but he kept winding up in her group each week

and her knees got all wobbly & he made her so week!

so they met at Barnes and Noble to "study" each night

and they were both nervous, but something felt right

he set up a picnic; his charm was alarming

it was then she just knew she had found her Prince Charming

And then what, you ask? Two weeks after we started dating, this is what we looked like:

um, yeah. Love. Cantcha see it on my face? Look harder. It's there!


  1. I LOVE this!!!!!!!! Seriously. So stinkin' cute. Not only does it tell your story, it rhymes!!!!!!!!!!!! (Ok, a bit too many exclamation points) But for serious. So cute.

  2. This is soooo cute! I wish I were as clever as you.:]