Friday, May 8, 2009

smashing pumpkins cake

ah, my wedding day. it was fantastic. nevermind the freezing weather with a high of 35. nevermind the downpours of rain! nevermind the chaotic sparkler incident! it was blissful! the best day of my life. and i wasn't even nervous! - can you believe that?

our wedding cake was yummy. red velvet with cream cheese frosting! the top layer is chocolate, which is Mark's favorite. it was so good that we smashed it in each other's faces. wanna see? simply fast forward this video til you get to 2 minutes and 45 seconds. it was so fun! maybe when we finally live together, i'll smash more cake in his face. because that was just too much fun. oh, i'll definitely do it on our one year anniversary. i hope he's ready!


  1. At 2 minutes, and 8 seconds (or so) you totally touched his booty. Very discretely, i might add. This is such a cute video!

  2. AW! My computer doesn't upload videos to YouTube.:/

    PS What is that tapping noise in the beginning? It sounds like someone's heartbeat!

    And what in the world is my husband talking about in the background?

  3. They say when it rains on your wedding day it supposed to be good luck. It rained on our Day and so far its been pretty good.