Friday, May 29, 2009

a little bit of nothing.

I have this overbearing obsession with getting a new car. I know kind of what kind I want. It definitely cannot be 2 door. It cannot be white. It must be roomy. It must have good gas mileage. It must be safe! And, most importantly, it must be affordable.

So the Honda Fit Sport looks like a good contender. The front of it's kind of... ugly... but it's affordable.

My husband wants this car:

a VW GTI. Four door, of course!

okay okay, honestly he really really REALLY wants this car:

but we aren't made of money. and, sadly, money doesn't grow on trees.

well, while we're dreaming over here, I would really like to have one of these:

a delicious Subaru Forrester 2.5x Premium. yes please. This one's only $22k.. ahem.

Once we get to Langley, we are going to get the heck rid of sadly trade in Mark's old, dying good old, trusty Civic.

In between laying out at the beach, visiting Washington D.C., shopping til we drop, eating seafood by the seashore, and navigating our new area (which is three times the size of Nashville), we will be looking at cars. And we may buy one.

Today I am feeling pretty hopeless and lonely. It is hard to fathom that we still have 90 days to go. My life is truly lived in countdowns. I hate that. First it was a countdown until our wedding day. Then a countdown until Basic Training was over. Then a countdown until I see him - and a countdown to the end of tech school. Then it will be a countdown until I come home to visit, and eventually a countdown of other, more family-oriented things :)

I really should be living in the moment. But how can I?!

In other news, I am going to St. George Island in June with C, H, my big sis, and my brother-in-law. I'm going to take pictures til my camera falls apart! Well, let's hope that doesn't happen. Perhaps I should say - take pictures until my card is full. Or until my battery dies. Yeah. That.

I am 19 days away from my trip back to Texas, yall! We like to count that as 3 weekends. But, since today is practically Saturday, I am now counting it as TWO weekends to endure!

I have never wanted Summer to fly by like this before. It's almost a sin, I think. Sigh. Oh well. When my sister finally gets done with school, I'll come over to her house and swim in the pool. And maybe then time will fly. Let's hope so - for the sake of my sanity.


  1. James wants the same car as him..I said uhh no lol I dont like it. People like to race in he comes back with.. It will be great for when we have a baby it has a good crash raiting..I couldnt think of anything to fight back with. Kid saftey was my only amunition.

    I will most likely ne getting a Honda Pilot when we move. yayy

  2. omg, Mark says the SAME THING!!! Like, a race car is NOT a family car for babies! I do know that it has a great crash test rating, but I don't plan on driving wreckless. Sheesh! And I do love Honda Pilots!! You can fit 8 people in there, can't you? at least 7..

  3. Amanda and I want a Honda Fit as well!!! They are REALLY dependable!

  4. I want to know why I have never heard of this car that makes everyone drool. Do I like live under a ROCK?!?

  5. GET THE VW!!!! Not that I'm partial now, you know. But would be a good investment. Oh, and the Subaru...I'm right there with you! We may, in the farfarfaraway future invest in one. You know, when we have a family and all. And we can save up and buy one with cash.

    I need to do a post of ours so you can see it in & out!;]

    PS Fits are really good. Jennifer has one and it's great! But, if you do get one, GET A SPORT. Only because the regular ones don't have cruise control. And, to me, that is essential. For real.

    Oh, and I am so glad you're going back to TX in 2 weekends!!!! Yayayayayayay! And I can't wait to see the wonderful vacation pictures you take.

  6. I really like the orange Fit Sport.. but that might be a little too extreme... I like orange, red, and the dark blue color! yippie!

  7. Ya they can fit 8! They are so amazing! I love the 08. An Officer wife I know has one thats like an 06 and we are always in it and I fell in Love. I have a Honda Accord a 94 and my engine is still going strong! So thats why I want to stick with Honda

  8. Mark has a 97 Honda Civic and he's in LOVE with it!! He loves Hondas too :]