Tuesday, May 5, 2009

feels like the first time

and now i will let you be a part of the first time i saw my husband after he went through basic training! he flew by me! literally! ha!

his flight is the 3rd one, in the dark green shirts. the man yelling like crazy is my dad. and the girl screaming like a lunatic is ME! and, if you turn up your speakers (why wouldn't you want to hear the new airman scream!?), you can hear me screech, "Did you see him!? I SAW HIM I SAW HIM!"

ah, one of the best moments of my life! here ya go....

*edit: his flight was screaming "1.... whats it feel like ........2......to be struck by...........3....... by a viper" (they were the Vipers...)


  1. That video is way too cool. I love the shouts they are doing, it sounds so awesome!

  2. I know. try managing a video camera, camera, looking for him, screaming for him, smiling big at him.. ahhh!! it was like OVERLOAD! lol waaaaay too many emotions going on!