Monday, May 4, 2009

my little C

today we started learning all about Bible Quiz with C. we got a buzzer box and all the 10pt questions. and he was ready!

he already knows about 20 questions. and that's from practicing for only half an hour. he is on fire!

some of the questions are pretty funny. they are way over his little 4-year old head. like this one:

What is an epistle? A letter sent by an apostle.

and he looks at me, squinches his forehead, and said "what's an apossle?"

...and i just stare at him. and i can't think of a single thing to say. then he tells me "Well, Paul was an apossle!" whew. off the hook.

did you know that Methuselah lived longer than any other man? 969 years. it turns out that Methuselah is a really hard word to say for a preschooler. also, 969 is tricky too.

i was getting ready for work this morning, and C always follows me around like a cute little puppy. he noticed a magazine in my floor with the Jonas Brothers on it (someone has given me a gift subscription unknowingly, so i keep receiving Seventeen magazine... even though i am going on 22 years old.. ). he picks it up and says, "This is Matthew, Mark, and John!" ..from the Bible, you know. haaaa! very funny.

I hated to burst his bubble, but I had to. I said, "No, that is actually the Jonas Brothers."
"the Jonas what?"
"um, the band that Annslee likes"

ha. I am very proud that he has no clue who the Jonas Brothers are. whew!

yesterday, after the JBQ mock match (see previous posts), he looked at me with a crinkled nose, and said, "I will never be able to do that!!!"

but today he is dancing around the house saying he will be a JBQ star. and he can't wait to practice more!

now.. I can't wait to teach him the question: What strange gift did King Herod give to his step daughter? The head of John the Baptist. mwhahahahaha. that should freak him out nicely.

(somehow I'll have to video tape him practicing and figure out how to put it on my blog!)


  1. How cute! I can't wait to see how he progresses and becomes a JBQ star! How fun!

    And lots of props to him for not knowing who the Jonas Brothers are!

  2. haha. You'd better tape him. I can't wait to see it! :)