Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Army Wives!

heya, friends!

I just wanted to remind all of you that Friday is Military Spouse Appreciation Day. I plan on celebrating this momentous occasion by beginning my Teacher Work Sample for my Intervention Strategies class! It should be loads of fun.

Erm. Right.

Also, I would like to take the opportunity to shove my favorite show EVER in your face kindly present to you my favorite tv show: Army Wives.

This is seriously the best show on television. I mean, last year (before I was a real life military wife) I watched it every Sunday night at 9pm. It will seriously jerk your heart out of your chest and make you cry. I'm not even exaggerating. And it's completely realistic. It basically follows 5 wives around (4 military spouses and 1 woman who's actually in the Army) and shows how they cope with different struggles. Here's the promo for the 3rd season... Watch it! It's only a minute long. Really. It's worth it.

The new season begins June 7! I'll be plopped down on the couch ready and rearin to go!


  1. wow. I want to watch! I feel like I'd be completely behind though :(

  2. nah i tuned in during the 2nd season.. it's super easy to follow. once you figure out who each person is married to.

  3. I remember seeing previews for the first season! Ah, I wish I had started watching it. Maybe I can find the episodes on hulu or surfthechannel and catch up for season 3!