Sunday, May 3, 2009

some singing, kazooing, and JBQ!

tonight was the end of the year celebration for Hope U!
all the little kids performed songs and dances.
here's my nephew's age group.
he's the one in the bright turquoise outfit!
..although I'm sure you know what he looks like by now...

I love the little peeker in the front row!!

the mock JBQ match
with B & C leaguers!

adorable, right?

I took some of these pictures for YOU, Brittney!!

***Note: his shirt has his blogging nickname on the front! how cute.


  1. I'm really confused. Blogging nickname? That little kid blogs?

  2. I call him C on here. and his shirt, conveniently, says C.


  3. Yay! They are both so adorable!!!
    And that shirt is soo cute!

  4. wow. i'm slow. I don't know I couldn't understand that. Ok, shower time now. For real.