Wednesday, May 20, 2009

C & me!

one of my favorite things to do is sit in my backyard and talk to C. when he doesn't want to take a nap, he comes outside, climbs up in the chair across from me (where I have a pillow to prop my feet on!). then he stares at me with a squinched up face.

then today he sticks his hand up and says, "High five!"

I move my hand up to smack his, but he moves it up higher and says "Up high!"

I miss.

He swooshes it down, "Down low!" ...I miss again


like, where did he learn that? hmph. outsmarted by a 4-year old again. drat.

and then we have our life talks. he tells me that he wants to join the Air "Forrest" (again, for the 10th time), because he wants to be with Mark. isn't that sweet? yes, I thought so too. later this afternoon, we were playing out front on the porch. I was checking facebook with my phone, and he looked up at me and goes, "Aunt Shannie? I miss Mark..."

How sad. So I just say, "I do too."

So as I was saying, we like to have long talks outside in the backyard. He tells me all of the events of his day at preschool. That's always fun to hear. Except I hear bits and pieces of events, so it's really hard to put them all together to make one story. If you know a preschooler, you know what this is about.

This post isn't going anywhere, really. But I know that my long talks with C are coming to an end. That is really, really sad. He is my bestest little buddy. And, though his massages aren't top-notch, he is still the best thing in my world. It is hard to watch a child grow up. I don't like it. At all. I want to keep C & H little forever.

and somehow I think that in 6 years, neither of them will want to be photographed like this. and yelling "DOODLE BLAA BLAA BOOO!!" to get them to look at the camera won't work. In 6 years, Mark and I will be finishing up our "term" in the USAF, and we will almost certainly sign up for more! And in 6 years, C will be 10 and H will be 6. Unfathomable!

Quick, go grab your kids and hold them real tight! Maybe if you squash them hard enough, you'll stunt their growth. And they will stay little and cuddly forever! :]

Note: I have spit up on my shoulder! Yummy:


  1. I'm not gonna' lie. I cried a little when he said he misses Mark, and you had nothing to say but, "I do too."

    love you.

  2. AWWW, LOL, Crusty!! So sweet :]

    Yesterday (literally), we were outside on the patio and our next door neighbor came out really quick and went back inside. He's like a senior in high school or something. Clayton saw the back of his head and his jaw dropped, and he's like "*gasp!!* WAS THAT MARK?!?!"

    yes. Mark has secretly been living next door and hasn't come and said hi!! he's been hiding all along! :]

    then last month Clayton heard something upstairs and said "I think Mark's upstairs, Shannie!" I said noooooo.. he's in Texas, remember?!?! :]


  3. I don't have any little kids to go squash. Just Bindi. And we're ready for her o finish growing.:[