Wednesday, May 27, 2009

here you go.

I truly don't want to sit and upload pictures all night to blogger when you all can see them on facebook. All of them!

There's the link. Even if you don't have a facebook, you should be able to view my al

In case you are too lazy to copy and paste, you can CLICK HERE to view the pictures!

But just to tickle your fancy, I will go ahead and post some random pictures from my trip:

at the bus stop waiting and waiting and waiting... and kissing and kissing..

right before we left each other :[
and right before I busted out crying.

we love orange. can you tell?


  1. You are so incredibly adorable.

    Just so you know.


  2. PS I love your new headers! Especially the one of M's feet!!! I mean, I assume they are his feet.

  3. haha, yes!!! He was like, "Why do you need a picture of my feet?" and I was like.. YOU JUST WAIT, BUDDY!! YOU'LL SEE! :D

  4. Okay, so I looked at your pictures (finally!) and I WANT A NECKLACE LIKE YOURS! It is sooooo stinkin' cute! Oh, and those rabbits that looks like dogs, I am pretty sure that's a hare!

  5. thanks!! The necklace is from Heart Strings on the ByPass. Which WAS right next to your house.. but not anymore!!! :( I think the necklace was $23 total, or something.. Not sure, because Mark bought it for me for Christmas. and those bunnies are so funny - their legs are SUPER skinny and really long. It looks like a dog with long ears. So weird. Very odd ... we have fat, fluffy bunnies in Kentucky!