Friday, May 15, 2009

garbanzo schmarnzo

today, in a humble attempt to be just like MckMama try a healthy new recipe, I tried my very first garbanzo bean. Alone, they don't have much taste. But paired with other yummy treats, it's delish!

I altered THIS recipe of MckMama's and made it my own this afternoon!

I slipped into my Sanuk flip flops, grabbed the keys, and headed to Kroger. and I bought:

1 bunch of cilantro
1 lime
1 can of organic garbanzo beans
1 can of organic kidney beans
2 cans of Ro-Tel (with the cilantro and lime mixed in)
1 bag of Kroger-brand tortilla chips

I drove home with the windows down while singing to Leeland. It looked like it was about to rain; the sky was cloudy and there was a fabulous breeze ripping through town. Oh yeah. Back to the recipe...

Step 1: Pour kidney beans into 70's-style bowl

Step 2: Dump in garbanzo beans

Step 3: Pour in Ro-Tel

Step 4: Marvel at the Ro-Tel and resist the urge to try the mixture!

Step 5: Roll your lime to get the juices flowin
slice the lime in half
add ALL the juice into the bowl! yum yum!

Step 6: Chop some parsley, dump it in, and stir

Step 7: Take a picture of the chef
(oh wait, that's me!)

who knew that beans could be so tasty? not me! I actually hate cilantro. Like, majorly. But it totally adds the perfect little kick to this dish! Now go ahead and grab a spoon and devour it all in one sitting. Or dip your tortilla chips in the bean salad and enjoy, like I did!

I actually forgot to season it. Whoops. But I thought it was perfect. The lime really makes it extra yummy. I didn't add black beans to this because, well, I hate black beans. I also don't like corn mixed in with bean salads. And I left out the leek. And the Italian dressing. Okay, so apparently I totally twisted up her recipe and made it my own. Now go to the store & grab these ingredients & make some for yourselves! I got it all for $7.34! (with my trusty Kroger card, of course!)

Coming up later...

Any guesses as to what that red blob is?!


  1. Mmm...looks yummy! Guess what?! I absolutely hate cilantro, too! Except, if you said it works here, I'll definitely give it a shot. You're so cute!

    PS Is that red blob part of a swing set??

  2. nope, but it DOES have something to do with C! :D

  3. I WANT TO EAT THAT RIGHT NOW!!! I may possibly be texting you tomorrow to get the ingredients (if i forget what i just wrote down) when we go to the grocery tomorrow.