Saturday, May 2, 2009

final update

one question separated us from nationals. one.

picture it:

the last match of the day.
it's the last question.
and it's a 20 pointer.
whoever gets this question right wins the game.
the quiz master reads...

"According to f-"

and the other team buzzes in. his coach slams his pen down. he is sure that they have lost the game.

(because this kid totally guessed. it could have very well been 1st Corinthians/Thessalonians/etc. OR Phillipans. there is no way to know if the "f" was really an f or it was a ph.. does that make sense? you interrupt the quiz master and finish the sentence, but he took a guess because he buzzed in so early)

the kid thinks for a second. then rattles off a guess: "According to 1st Thessalonians, when should Christians give thanks? 1st Thessalonians 5:18: Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus."

and he guesses right.

they go to nationals.
and we stay home.

could it get any worse? i think not. so that was my last match ever for JBQ. until i watch my nephew quiz! things aren't nearly as competitive with younger kids! this weekend we competed against this cute little team. they had a star quizzer who was so tiny. her voice was squeaky and adorable. she rattled off scripture like nobody's business. as soon as she spoke, every woman in the room went, "awww..."

then i found out today that she is 7. what in the world?! that's like 2nd grade! (1st-3rd graders are in B league, and they do not compete in regionals or nationals).. this little girl was amazing! she was doing 30 point questions, and she was doing them VERY WELL.. which means she began studying 30pt questions at (or before) the age of 6.

just to give you an idea of 30 pt questions, here are a few:
naming the 12 sons of Joseph, 12 disciples of Jesus, romans 8:38-39 (all the things that can't separate us from God's love), the huge chunk of scripture in 1st Thessalonians where Paul describes the 2nd coming of Christ, etc. HUGE amounts of scripture. I can't believe how stinkin cute she was! ... so you know the first thought in my head was, "Hmm.. I wonder how soon I can begin 30 pt questions with C... " mwhahahaha.

honestly, all the kiddos on our team this year are 5th and 6th graders. That is quite remarkable. They still have one year left to study hard and grow a few more inches. They will definiely be able to make it next year if they stick to their guns! I can't wait to see my nephew quiz!!!! Chances are, JBQ isn't at your church. Especially because it's an Assembly of God program. But, if it is, you need to get your kid involved! It's a huge committment, because you have to study every day with your child. But - honestly - is that so bad?? Would you rather your kid be practicing basketball or playing video games or studying scripture? You make the decision. You're the parent!!


  1. Wow, intense!

    And yes, JBQ is at my church. Oh wait, we go to the same church.;] Yay!

    I hope your nephew does well! And I also hope that stinkin' email has been fixed.:]

  2. Apparently I read your update before I checked my email.


  3. hahaha! ohmygosh, we go to the same church!? WHAT?!? :D

    i hope my super huge email didn't like.. overload your laptop. haha.

  4. HAHAHA! You're so clever!

    And no, no overload here. Not on the computer, at least.;]

  5. Wow. That little girl is intense. I'm sorry about your loss, friend.