Thursday, May 14, 2009

things I love thursdays & one thing I hate...

I love the fact that I'm going to see HIM in one week. Only 7 measly days away. No, it won't fly by. It will inch, crawl, and drag by until May 22nd finally arrives.

In other news, I love the show Table for 12. It's brand new & appears on TLC on Monday nights

Twins, twins, and sextuplets? Yes please! This family out-does the Gosselins on every level. There is no screaming. No uncontrollable tantrums. No babysitters. They don't dump their kids on anyone. One parent can take all 6 sextuplets out at once with no trouble. One parent can serve supper AND feed their daughter, Rebecca, who has Cerebral Palsy (she is shown in Kevin's arms in the picture!).

Last week, the two oldest sons video taped a lot. At one point, Kyle, the red-haired twin, picked Rebecca up. He cuddled her and rocked her and tickled her face until she was laughing hysterically! His mom almost started crying when he saw what a loving and mature son she had raised. And it was then that I fell in love with this family.

When they had their sextuplets, they quickly realized that their home was a tad too small. The solution? Daddy rebuilt the entire house. ON HIS OWN. His sons helped and video taped. Talk about amazing.

Still, though, the Duggars are my favorite! I really can't get enough of them. And now that we're on the Anna's Baby Bump watch, I'm even more into it. Am I weird? NO. I just love these cute and loving families that just happen to have shows on TLC. Tune in on Monday nights to see the Hayes family! Then on Tuesdays at 8, you can see the Duggars! And then the rest of the week is fully of stinky tv, which I stay away from :D


In other news, I'm guessing all of you have heard about the horrible news about M. For those of you who haven't heard, here goes: apparently, about 30 guys in his flight decided to break the rules and go to a hotel party. On base. They got caught, obviously. So everyone in the flight got punished and sent back to Phase 1, Day 1 - until May 20th. If everyone "behaves" and follows the rules, they will be zapped back up to Phase 3. It is difficult to explain what the different phases of tech school means unless you're familiar with it already. Basically, if M is in phase 1 when I come to visit, he can't come to my hotel. At all. Ever. He also has to wear his uniform all the time & has to march everywhere. It absolutely sucks. I would rather not spend the 4 days that I'm there CONSTANTLY outside and doing stuff. I pretty much cried all last night. I am pretty devastated. It makes me extremely mad that a few stupid boys are ruining it for everyone. Also, next week is Memorial Day weekend. Any guess as to how many wives and families are coming down to see their airmen? A ton. I could really punch those guys in the face. We have been planning this trip for over a month, and it's costing a ton of money. Sigh. I will fill you in if something changes (ie. a miracle occurs and M really doesn't go back to Phase 1!!). He's going to tell me tonight what happened! Pray and hope things change for the better!

*edit: I don't know if I made it clear, but M was not a part of the hotel party. He was obeying all the rules by sitting in is dorm room and talking to me on Skype. He is so great - he spends 7pm-10pm with me every night! So, obviously, he should not be punished. So there.

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  1. I love you. I need to watch that show. Really. You made me fall in love with it the other day, but then again just now. Haha. I want to see it!


    ahem. I got your back. I will beat them up.