Wednesday, May 20, 2009


This isn't PM, but this is what he did yesterday. He really loves it. I mean, I would hate this job. I would hate wearing long pants, a big old jacket, and heavy boots and then have to climb up a pole. Erm, yeah. I think I will stick to working with little kiddos. Indoors, preferably.

And here he is with his best friend:

Um, I think the lack of physical contact from his wife has caused PM to latch on to anything or anyone around.

Luckily, I will be there to snuggle him in 1.5 days. So then he won't be forced to grope mannequins anymore!

I found out today that American Airlines doesn't serve snacks. What is up with that? I find that to be a little outrageous. They also charge $15 to check one bag now. So, if you plan on flying anytime soon - go with Southwest. They stuff you til you could burst. Free refills on whatever drink you pick. AND you can check a bag with no charge. I mean, really. I would be flying Southwest, but Expedia didn't list it as an option. Argh!

I've ordered 169 photos from Shutterfly, so now I can delete all of my 1000+ pictures off of my Canon Rebel. I have to make room for this weekend's pictures, right?!


  1. Yes, can't wait to see the pictures from your lovely weekend with M!! And I find it hilarious that he takes pictures like that when he's working.;]

  2. haha, everyone takes pictures like this! He has pictures of all his friends with the dummy on facebook! I beg him for pictures, so this is what he gives me!! :]

  3. haha. so cute!!! :)