Friday, May 8, 2009


oh, don't be silly - the surprise is for me, not you! sorry to burst your bubble.

as i previously mentioned, today was my last day at work! forever! i was dead set on leaving at 11. you know, so i could come home and watch shrek 2 with my nephews. becky, my coworker, sneakishly came up to me around 10am and asked if i wanted to go upstairs for a chocolate break. obviously, i jumped up so fast that i nearly knocked my chair over! after taking a little break outside, we returned back to work.

then i saw one of my best buds, Ashley! she is so sweet.

we walked into the break room, and there it was:

a cake! for little ol' me! mady by Crystal! yes, that is an air force plane, and yes, those are marshmellow clouds. adorrrrable! my friend from India made special Indian rice (yummm!!), and also some bean dip with chips! I feel so loved.

as ecstatic as i am about leaving work, i am very sad to leave my buddies! i love you all!


  1. cuuuuute! Clever with the marshmallow clouds, and all. :)

  2. How sweet! What lovely friends you have.:]