Saturday, May 16, 2009

holy applesauce!

tomorrow I'll be wearing all black

can you guess why?!

nope. no one died.
nope. i'm not turning goth.
nope. i'm not trying to look skinny.

yes. itll be covered in black.
yes. the outfit is way too big.
yes. it's a weird material.
yes. i will feel like i'm wearing a curtain.

okayokay. you talked me into it. i'll just spill the beans.

i'm graduating COLLEGE tomorrow! can you believe it? because I sure can't!

so far only 5 out of 6 teachers have posted grades. and i currently have 5 A's.

tomorrow is my graduation party. obviously, Mexican food will be included. have no fear - many pictures will be taken. i'm excited to see what my final GPA will be when i leave WKU. i'll be posting that exciting new information soon!

..if my teachers would ever hurry it up and post grades already!! did they not get the memo? summer is here. also, i took one of my finals over a week and a half ago. and still no grade. seriously. what is the hold up?

i'm totally not looking forward to actually participating in the graduation ceremony. but i ammm excited about getting the heck done with my bachelors degree. even if, you know, it isn't what i meant to get my degree in. whoops!


  1. weeee!!!!! I'm so excited for you i can barely stand it!!! :)

  2. Happy graduation day! I tried to say hi to you when you walked by me after getting your diploma but you looked distracted ;-) Haha. Hope you have a great day!!

  3. you were there?!?!?! I didn't even know you were there!!!! seriously, I didn't listen to the names at all when they called them. I was looking out into the crowd and day dreaming :D hehehehe. and I wasn't distracted, I was probably nervous & watching the girl in front of me! :D