Wednesday, May 6, 2009


As of yesterday, I'm an aunt x 5.
4 nephews and a NIECE!

Welcome to the world, Cyan Nicole!


  1. She is gorgeous!!! Little girls are so much fun! Congratulations to the family and to you for being an aunt again!

  2. Yeah, kids are great! Too bad this little chica lives in Hawaii! :[

  3. Aw a little hula girl!!! I think that once you and Prince M get settled in Virginia, a Hawaiian getaway would be nice for you too! ;)

  4. haha! I don't know when they leave Hawaii, but I think it's soooooon-ish.. as in, this fall. Maybe. but I might be wrong. plane tickets to Hawaii are SOOO high!! it's crazy!

    but I wouldn't mind being stationed there. when our kids are little. because they have HORRIBLE high schools! LOTS of gangs. it's crazy!!!