Saturday, May 23, 2009

a little something to hold you over!

Finally together!!

sitting at the mall:

Sheppard is full of planes, so I make Mark pose for me constantly!

Yesterday was a TERRIBLE day. Up until 6pm, I mean. I got to the Nashville airport around 8:10 to catch my 9:50 flight. I checked in and found out that my flight was delayed. Lovely. I found my terminal, and the lady announced that the plane isn't schedule to leave until 10:40. It's a two hour flight from Nashville to Dallas.

My connection flight was scheduled to take off at 12:45.

That left me with five minutes to catch my flight. The lovely airport lady told me this was impossible. See, Dallas airport is huge. Like, it's 4 separate buildings. You have to ride a Skylink to get to the different sections. We landed, and I bolted off the plane. I ran through the airport (I'm sure I was a sight to see!). Somehow I managed to find my terminal in about 2 minutes. I arrived just in time to see my plane backing up from the terminal. Sigh. Thanks, American Airlines. So I got put on a different flight, which was schedule to take off four hours later.


I ate McDonald's and sat in my terminal. It was awful. All of the Air Force wives and girlfriends arrived at the terminal. We were all set & ready! Our boarding time came and went. Then our take-off time came and went. And we started to get mad.

After another hour delay, I was fed up. Five hours in the Dallas airport. Argh! We finally boarded at 5:30 and arrived in Wichita Falls at 6pm. The only bright side of this whole deal is that Mark was able to pick me up from the airport!

[Clarification: We left home at 7am to head to Nashville. I didn't arrive until 6pm in Wichita Falls. It took 11 freakin hours to get there. By plane!! I could have driven there faster. Seriously.]

The whole airport is like a tiny house. So I walked in and there he was, smiling and waving! Ahh what a dream come true.

Then we hugged and I started crying, as usual.

We arrived on base & went to Popeye's. It was extremely hot in there, and I started to get nauseous. Plus, the food was gross. We rented 3 movies and came back to the hotel! We didn't even arrive at Sheppard Inn until 7pm, so our night was short!


Today we decided to go to the mall! It's only $1 per person to hop on the bus and go to the mall. This town really stinks. The mall's stores are also in our mall has at home, but it's 1/5 of the size. We ate at Buffalo Wild Wings, and it was great!

I was full after 3 chicken wings and a few french fries. I'm that excited. I'm so happy that I can't even eat!

Tonight I think we're going to Olive Garden. Don't worry. I've taken a lot of pictures!

oh, and Mark makes me pose too!:

edit: I forgot to tell yall - he didn't have curfew last night! Hallelujah! He was able to spend the night with me! He also doesn't have to be at accountability!! So, he's able to be with me nonstop until Monday night. Yippie skippie!!

also, I forgot to mention how huge my room is. It's literally like an apartment. Almost. So, for all of you wives whose husbands are at Sheppard, stay at Sheppard Inn!! Only $27 a night, and it's GREAT! :]


  1. I am SO excited for you guys that you are finally there!!! AND that he gets to spend the WHOLE ENTIRE weekend with you- uninteruppted!!!!! WOO HOO! God is good!! Enjoy every minute and blog about it later- as much as we love hearing what you guys are up to- don't spend what little time you have doing it, we're all patient, we can wait!! Love you!!!

  2. PS... you look absolutely beautiful!

  3. ohh don't worry. I, um, "exhausted" Mark, so he was taking a nap :] I promise I am not spending our valuable time blogging!! I only get online when he's asleep :] like, for instance, right now he's in the bathroom. perfect opportunity to check my blog. HA!! :D

  4. Nice blue shirt Bro!! Love it :)

  5. I'm sorry that your plane trip was so bad, but SO glad that you have nonstop free time with him!!!! You look gorgeous!!!

  6. $27 a night?!? that's GREAT! And I am so glad that you guys are together! Like, I could BURST!