Thursday, May 7, 2009

pooping on my parade

today was my last day at my practicum placement! and it was a great day. i got to make paper mache masks! i really didn't think that any of the students cared about me. until they all realized that this was my last day, and they were devastated! really. then they all quizzed me about my future endeavors and what my husband does in the military.

so there i was. leaving school. bopping down the sidewalk. basking in the sun. texting my buddy, katrina, about how i am DONE with practicum! i skipped along without a care in the world when i suddenly felt something wet on my foot.

i looked down.
and, upon my beautiful, brown, yoga-mat Sanuk flip flop, i saw it.
there it was.

bird poop. on my flip flop. running down onto my foot.

what a fantastic way to end the semester. really. i couldn't have planned it any better. hilarious!

and aren't you glad that i am always thinking of you, my humble, obsessed blog readers? i would never let you miss out on a visual aid. ever! even in disgusting situations. i know, you are very thankful that you have a picture of this momentous occasion!

as for tonight? my last day of collaboration class! and then back home to finish a paper. or at least make a dent in it. probably the latter.


  1. Aw, that stinks, but so funny all at the same time! Happy last day at the high school!!!

  2. Ew! I'm glad you can laugh about it, because I probably would have cried!!

  3. oh, and for an update, I got a 100% on my presentation! yippie skippie.

  4. That is unacceptable. How dare a bird take a dookie on your kicks? So not fair!

    on a sidenote, I love that you took a picture of this...most likely for full intent of blogging about it. I love you! :)