Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I never take pictures of myself..because..well..it's hard to. Especially with kids. But today I did a rare thing. I turned my camera around and snapped some pictures of me!

& I know. It seems like I'm partial to my younger nephew. Really, I'm not. But something happens to you when you turn 4. You get this "I don't want to take pictures for Aunt Shan because I'm too cool" attitude & either make goofy faces at the camera all the time OR run away. Then Aunt Shan is left with lots of funny-faced pictures and lots of shots of the back of his head. 9-month old kids don't see it that way. Although they do have an "I wanna get my mouth on that Canon Rebel.." kind of attitude. But I let it slide.

so today, big C ran up the stairs panting & saying, "Aunt Shannie. PLEASE make me some chocolate cake with ice cream and chocolate fudge sauce! PLEASE!" I looked at him and I said "Let's make a deal.." And now I have pictures. Voila!

& that last one? That was my saddish little attempt at a headshot. I used the skillz that JenCreed left me with! Like, I absolutely don't understand lighting. At all. Maybe someday I will get it! Until then, I will be taking pictures of my babes in the shade.


  1. Love the pics!! I don't want to be a stalker and not comment- but you know how much I love what you write!! AND I want you to be MY Aunt Shannie and make me a chocolate cake :-D Yum!! Happy single digits until you see your hubby!!

  2. You're so cute! I also love the fact that you're obsessed with tank tops. I'm guessing those are from Gap. Yess? :)

  3. yes, they're from Gap! in case you haven't noticed (i'm sure you have..) it's been like rainy and cold every single day this year. so when it gets hot and sunny, i pop a tank top on! :D the sun makes me really excited.