Monday, May 11, 2009

Not Me Monday!

Quick! Skip on over to MckMama's blog to see what she has not been doing this week!

Today I made two batches of brownies for hubs. Boy, isn't he a lucky duck? I think so. I whipped up my first batch and poured it in the pan. I looked down and noticed there was still a lot of batter in the bowl. But, you know, there's that annoying thing where you can't get all the batter in the pan. You scoop it with the spoon, and it will not drop off into the pan. It just sticks on the spoon. So there I was.. forced to use my finger. Still no luck. Then I had brownie batter stuck to my finger! Just then, the commercial for Special K popped into my head. You know, where the woman is making cookies, and almost licks her finger. But then she remembers that she has Special K Chocolate Cereal in her cabinet. So she goes for that instead & saves loads of calories. Well, that did pop in my head.. then it popped right out. Then, I did not look around mischievously, dip my finger in the bowl, swoosh it around, and stick it in my mouth. Then I did not get even crazier and lick the entire spoon. Then scoop out the entire bowl and clean the whole darn thing.

And then, after I made my second batch, I absolutely & positively did not do the exact same thing. Again. Holy cow. That would be awful. I mean, do you have any idea how many calories would be in those bowls? Nevermind the possible salmonella that I could get. Licking bowls of chocolate brownie batter would definitely not be worth a visit to the hospital. Besides, I watch what I eat. All the time. And I never, ever falter. Ever!

(and I did not play with the idea of letting my 9 month old nephew have a little taste.. wow, I would never even admit that on a blog! ever!)

Yesterday was Mother's Day, in case you didn't get the memo! The clock struck 8:30am, and I was still in bed. Then my eyes popped open, and I realized I only had 30 minutes to get ready. I did not decide to just forget about taking a shower. So I did not hop in some clothes, fix my hair & slap on some make-up and fake it. Really, I would never go to church without bathing first.

I am, embarrassingly, a tad obsessed with MckMama. I'm also obsessed with baby room decor. Erm. Yes.I will admit that. The Air Force lovingly sent us a baby magazine, chuck full of all the new gadgets! Isn't that sweet of them? Yes, we will not be needing them for quite some time. But still. It's great. So, I did not flip through that magazine multiple times, pick out the baby bedding & decor AND decide on the room color. You guessed it: Stellan Orange. That would make me a little bit of a freak, wouldn't it? And plus, I have better things to do with my time than plan out my future bedrooms.

And uh, in case you are wondering what the bedding I did not pick out looks like...

because I hate pink, teddy bears, balls, and anything really girly.

And, finally, this morning I was on edge from waiting for our picture (see previous post!). I heard the mail truck outside, so I put my flip flops on and turned the handle of the door. I did not open it to find the mail woman standing right in front of me. I was not wearing SUPER short shorts from, like, 4 years ago. I was not wearing a dirty Air Force sweat shirt. My face did not look hideous. And my hair was not disgusting, flying everywhere, and totally unkempt. I don't think the mail lady handed me my things, turned around, and laughed.

okay, she did.

Love yall!


  1. haha. you're so cute. I can just picture you answering the door. And hey, you didn't do anything were simply taste testing the brownie mix. You're such a caring wife. :)

  2. WHAT?! The mail lady LAUGHED at you?! How rude!

    PS I wish I could have helped you clean up the brownie batter. YUM!

  3. I'm with Christine. You were simply making sure that the brownies were ok and that you weren't going to send something bad to your husband! I see that as very thoughtful! :-D