Tuesday, May 5, 2009

time to change!

his outfit says it all: Time to Change! ..and boy, that couldn't be any more true!

H, at a mere 9 months, has finally started getting not one, but TWO teeth! His older brother already had 2 teeth at 6 months, but who's comparing?! He's my little chameleon. My little buddy. And, as I affectionately call him, my Tater Bug.

He still can't crawl, but he's almost got it. Honestly, he really wants to skip that whole crawling process and "pull up" straight to walking! He thinks he's so cool. He's also extremely brave. See that ugly chair behind H? He loves to let go of his exer-saucer, stick his hand out, and attempt to walk to the chair. A for effort, but D in execution! Don't worry. I am always kinda there most of the time to catch him mid-fall.

he loves me so much, cantcha tell?

that big ol' belly is hard to get off the floor!
even in a strenuous attempt to grab Big Bro's dragons!

I can't see what other big chances my little Tater Bug will encounter before his 1st birthday.
He is having a Ducky party, by the way! He can't wait!
..because he told me this afternoon. that's how I know.


  1. Ducky party! How fun!!

    He is so adorable!

  2. yeppers! and by ducky party, we mean a party in the back yard with lots of baby pools set up with rubber duckies and a ducky cake.

    but C is having a circus party in the fellowship hall in december! we're inviting every single kid we know and we're going to have a TON of games! :O woohoo!

  3. i love these pictures of hudz - i want copies!!!

  4. no fair that you have the cutest nieces and nephews ever. i love hudson's little smile.