Tuesday, July 14, 2009


This barely-bald, beautiful baby bears a broadcast:

Me and my two teeth are turning ONE year old in 12 days!

and my aunt Shannie is making me a surprise homemade present

and I'm sooo excited!

Even though I cried on the way to the bed for this photoshoot, and almost despise being held by my Shannie, I love her and can't wait for my big ducky party!


Okay okay H, get off the computer! This is my blog!!

Anyway, I got this idea yesterday about something special for my baby. I mean, my baby nephew. I whipped it all up in my head and ran it past M. He loved it! So today I "got the supplies together" and took off with preparing everything! I am soo excited!

I would tell you all all about it, but my sister reads this blog. And it's a surprise for HER too! And I am horrible at surprises. But this one will be great!!

So Mark and I are only 43 days away from each other, and things are kinda coming together! I still have so much stuff at my house that will need to be packed. Still no word from Langley AFB - ugh. I have a sneaky suspicion that by the time our 5 year anniversary rolls around, we are going to need a separate moving van to come and haul our photo albums away. My scrapbooks + picture albums add up to a lot of weight. And a lot of room! Anyway - there's nothing new in our lives! I'm spending every day with my nephews and soaking up their love!


  1. What 'word' are you trying to hear? Is it about housing? If its that then you won't know anything til you actually get there. And you may have to stay in TLF for a bit, but thats no biggie, cause if I remember right you get reimbursed for it. Don't quote me on that though.

    Oh a Ducky party would be really cute!! Play lil ducky games and have everyone get their own lil ducky toy! Cute!!

  2. ALL my friends who are new AF wives have received feedback from their first bases. Heck, one of my friends even has her ADDRESS for their house at the first base!! Her husband graduates August 19th - a week before Mark. We faxed our orders and housing application to the Langley Housing Office, but we haven't received an email back or anything. Langley's website has this little list where you enter the Airman's SSN and it will show you what number you are on the list. Oh well, I'm not TOO worried, but I would LIKE to know some kind of info!! :]

    and yes, I am SOO excited about Hudson's birthday!!!

  3. Aw, that second picture is scrumptious! What a beautiful baby!! I can't wait to hear what the surprise is!:D

    Have you tried entering M's social to see what number you are?! I hope you hear something SOON!

  4. I just tried it and it doesn't bring up anything :( They should at least contact us and tell us they GOT our fax. ugh. I called the housing office myself and the lady told me to fax our info.. so I did! Idk. I wish they were more on top of things like some of the other base housing people were! :]

    and Hudson is a little ham in that first picture!

  5. Loving the pictures of H!!! He is so adorable...I can't believe he is almost 1...boy does time fly!!!!!!

  6. haha. i love that you were like, "move over, it's my blog." haha. crack me up!