Sunday, July 12, 2009

our pet history

Mark and I have had quite a few pets. They've all died tragic deaths.

Our first pet was a hermit crab that we lovingly named Critter. We bought him from Fishy Business on a whim because I just had to have him. Well, I was scared of him. To the max. I was overly scared of him pinching me. Hermit crabs require, like, zero maintenance.

He eventually died from our lack of maintenance. Ahem. Oops.

Time passed, and I got another craving for a pet. This time, I wanted a furry one. We trucked on over to Pets & More and found the perfect one. We named him Biscuit:

I don't exactly remember what happened, but he died. Just like that. Gone.

So we had to replace him.

We went to Petco and got a new hamster: Coco. Definitely a girl. She was adorable - white and light tan. However, she was psycho and wouldn't let you get anywhere near her. She was not fun. At all. So obviously, I needed another hamster - one that was more fun. Obviously. Too bad we have no pictures of her. I'm not sure how this happened. She probably wouldn't let us get a picture of her. She was probably hiding in one of her tunnels like the freak that she was.


Then on Valentines Night of 2008, we went to Fishy Business after our romantic evening at Red Lobster. And then I saw him: the perfect one. She was adorable!

She was so cute in the Female Cage.. all snuggled up and furry. Black ones are supposed to be nicer, so I was excited! We bought her and a new cage and headed home. Then we noticed that she had testicles.

Oops! Our Betty turned into a Buster.

We put them in the same cage because we really wanted hamster babies. Crazy, I know. They lived together for about two weeks, and Coco never got pregnant. We figured it was because she was psycho, and Buster wasn't interested. Seriously. He was definitely well equipped, and Coco was definitely a girl. She even had the attitude to prove it.

But we did finally split them, and they lived their happy little separate lives. Until Coco started escaping. All the time. M's family was not happy, so he was forced to kill her let her go into the front yard. It was freezing outside, so I'm sure she lasted all of one day. Sigh. I'm sorry, little Coco. If you had only learned to stay in your cage like a good little pet, maybe none of this would have ever happened...

But Buster was still a happy-go-lucky hamster. He rarely caused a problem. Until we left on our honeymoon. Apparently this really upset Buster. We came back to find that he was NOT in his cage. While we were in the bathroom, we noticed a sock in the trashcan. A black sock. Mark went to pick it up and noticed it was a furry sock. Gasp. It was BUSTER! Buster had landed himself in the bottom of the bathroom trashcan. He had committed suicide while we were away. The trashcan was tall. I don't even know how he got in there! Sigh.

We clearly don't have good luck with hamsters. Hopefully we will have better luck with our Westie :]


  1. I remember when you brought the hermit crab to the movies and I was SO scared of it! Bahaha!:D

  2. I brought him to the MOVIES!? LOL!! That sounds SOOO like me. We toted him everywhere!!! :D Um yeah he just stayed in his little box 24/7. lol. Mark wasn't afraid of him though.

  3. Ok, as cute as this post is-I can't get over the fact of how-um-BLESSED little Buster was. GOODNESS GRACIOUS! It made me laugh. :)

  4. seriously. i was thinking the same thing paige was. wow. off work tomorrow, so i will catch up your posts tomorrow. mark my word.

  5. You are so hilarious!!! Just wanted you to know how much I love reading your stuff!!

  6. we both have crappy pet history. for real.