Monday, July 20, 2009

Not My Nephew Monday!!

Welcome to a SPECIAL EDITION of Not Me Monday! I definitely loved the change of pace.

Yesterday the boys were over for a little while, and C had time to draw a picture. I saw him huddled on the floor with his butt in the air for a few minutes. Then he stomped over to me and proudly held out his drawing. I looked down and gasped. Such a.. beautiful picture. No, my nephew certainly did not draw a robot with breasts. And when I asked him what those circle thingies were on the robot, he did not get a mischievous grin, smirk, and say, "They're boobies." I did not bust out laughing and throw the paper at his parents. C did not continue to say, "I drew them because she's a GIRL!" Because my nephew definitely knows that we do not draw naked body parts - especially on robots. People and robots wear clothes. It is definitely not my nephew who is drawing body parts at the innocent age of 4. Thank heavens that never actually happened.

On Thursday, my sister and I took the kids to the library story time at the park. It was unseasonably cool and the stories were rather boring. Even my littler nephew, H, was enjoying himself! So when we took him inside to change his diaper, we did not find out that H was covered in pee. His onesie was certainly not strewn with pee stains all over. We know when to change a diaper, so we would never let this happen. .... and we most certainly did not leave him in that pee-stained onesie until we eventually got home. Ahem.

That same day, I had the privilege of taking my big nephew, C, to the movies to see Harry Potter. He thinks he is so grown up since he gets to see Perry Hotter with me. Sure, he only kind of knows what's going on, and he only pays attention when Harry does something super cool. Anyway. C got his very own kiddie tray - filled with popcorn, Care Bear gummies, and a small orange soda. (Who me? I would never let my nephew order an orange soda. Kids should never, EVER drink coke! Sheesh!) The tray was a tad full, so popcorn went flying every-which-a-way in the seat. I did not watch as my nephew spilled the popcorn everywhere. It was not my nephew who squatted down, picked up the popcorn, and ate off the movie floor. He did not later eat popcorn off the seat cushion in the theater. That's totally gross and unsanitary. I would never allow that. And my nephew knows not to eat food off the floor. Especially at a theater, for cryin' out loud!

Did you know that H turns one on July 26th? Yes, yes.. He is growing up on me. It seems like just yesterday he was drinking breast milk and snoozin' away on me mommy. He is sick of baby food, and he prefers real people food now. So it was not my great plan, this past week, to feed my baby nephew chocolate brownie ice cream. He did not gobble it up - and he did not scream at me when I went to refill the bowl with more ice cream. When I say real people food, I mean healthy food. You know - like, hummus, avacados, and squash. My nephew would never be caught dead indulging on a sweet treat before he even turned one. Never!!

.. and he most certainly would find a bib to hid the evidence if he did.


  1. Ok the popcorn thing is really gross, blech! But lil H wanting, no screaming for more icecream sounds a little familiar. :)

  2. Haha.. it was pretty gross, but he wasn't like EATING off the floor. He picked up about 5 pieces off the floor and 2 off the seat. Oh, and 1 piece in the hallway. I don't know WHAT got into that child .. :]

  3. so cute. like i say on every other post, i want your nephews. okthanksbye.

  4. GOSH! Even your NM[Nephew]M rocks! You're so cool, Shan!

  5. haha.. thanks, Brittney!!!!!!!!