Saturday, July 11, 2009

my top 10 mommy must-haves!

the top 10 mommy-must-haves: a list I'm writing long before I ever become a mommy. get off my back. this is my blog.

1. My Breast Friend

Ever seen 18 Kids and Counting? Then you've seen Michelle Duggar breast feed Jordyn using this super cool invention. It blows the Boppy right out of the water nursery. (Hahaha...) It provides awesome back support for mom, eliminates shoulder stress, and helps baby get the perfect latch since the Breast Friend helps baby get the best position. Wanna walk around the house and dust while breastfeeding? Go ahead. Wanna help Big Brother with his homework while feeding baby? Go ahead. Wanan grab a drink while breast feeding? Why, there's even a convenient drink holder built right in. At only $40, this is a definite must have.

2. The Miracle Blanket

Unlike other swaddling blankets, this little booger has pouches for your baby's arms and legs. You're basically wrapping your baby up like a mummy (or like a crazy dude in a straight jacket.. ahem) but your baby will love it. At least, this little guy does:


Yep, that's MckMiracle! But for real - the Miracle Blanket includes a lateral belly wrap that soothes babies. Babies love pressure on their mid-section, so this blanket truly works! It "eliminates" colic, helps them get to sleep, and prevents scratching. At $29.99, Miracle Blankets are a must have.

3. A Sling

She gets hers from Kangaroo Korner - the Adjustable Fleece Pouch. Unfortunately, me being left-handed eliminates over HALF the color choices for me. But, hey, that's the price I pay for being a South Paw. An ywho - these little suckers allow you to be super close and snuggly with your baby while having both hands free! As an infant, baby is snuggled deep inside the sling. And as they grow, they can sit straight up and enjoy the view:

Super-cool orange stroller is optional. These dudes are $46.50 - a tad pricey. But, hey, you can reuse them with each of your kiddos. And your free hands will thank you!

4. Cloth Diapers

I'll wait until you pick your jaw up off the floor.

Okay. Right. I said cloth diapers. Don't be scared. I'm not 100% sold on them yet. There are zillions of brands. Kissaluvs, Imse Vimse, GDiapers, Bum Genius.. and the list continues...

I don't know which brand is the best. And the only reason I would use them because they save money in the long run and they're extremely cute. That's it. I don't really have a sales pitch for you.

But cloth diapered babies do have less diaper rash, potty train earlier, and look cuter. The upfront cost is a little extreme, so I'm not quite sure...

5. Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Teether

Looks like a regular old giraffe toy, right? That's what I thought too. I was initially attracted to it because it's the same giraffe that the men in Three Men and a Baby give the baby in her crib. I was a tad obsessed with that movie as a child - and still am! Anyway, this teether has been around since 1961. Her bumpy head makes babies love this teether! She is also made of a special rubber that actually attracts babies due to its unique smell. I've never known anyone to have this teether, but if you Google it, you will be shocked to see its popularity around the world! Sophie is $18.20 on Amazon!

6. A Bumbo Seat
I used to think these seats were crazy. Then my younger nephew was born, and I changed my mind fast.

This is H at less than a month old. And he will STILL fit in this seat at nearly one year old! It's fabulous. You can feed your baby in this chair, sit him up in the living room while you do household chores (or grab a measly bite to eat for yourself for a change!). These Bumbo seats are $39.99 a piece. Again, a tad pricey. But we actually use them around my house, so I can definitely say: It's worth the cost!

7. Bright Starts By Your Side Infant Seat

Do you really think your baby will lay in a crib on his or her first night home!? Chances are - probably not. This seat works wonders. It snuggles a baby into a little ball (just how they like to be!). It vibrates and plays loads of songs. It even plays nature sounds. Again, my younger nephew has this seat. He loved it from day 1:

He took naps in it and slept in it at night! As you can see, we took the bar with the hanging toys down. It's a hassle to have that in the way when you're working with a newborn. But besides that, this chair rocks. It's $69.99 at Babies R Us - but your sleep and happiness are well worth the cost!

8. Fisher Price Space-Saver High Chair

Forget about that bulky high chair you've had your eye on for so long! This sucker saves room at the dinner table but still allows your baby to be a part of the family! Again, my nephew has this as well. So I know how awesome this chair really is! It's $54.99 at Babies R Us. Expensive, I know - but way cheaper than an actual high chair. You could even drag this thing to a restaurant if you wanted to! Talk about practical!

9. A Travel System You Love

We love Chicco's Synergy - because we love orange. However, it's $299.99. Expensive.

Evenflo's Aura Select System is a lot cheaper at only $179.99. I don't really have a perference right now. But I love orange and green and refuse to buy anything baby girl pink or baby boy blue. I just hate those colors.

10. A great nursery.

This is called the Artist Baby Crib Bedding Set. It's exactly what I've always wanted. Unfortunately, it's out of the question since it's an unreasonable price of $369 for a 4 piece set. Yikes! So sad.

I think I'll take my sister's bedding set for free instead! :] (This is H's room! and that's red & brown on the walls)


  1. Hmmm.... first guacamole cravings, and now the all time must have list of cool stuff for babies.... Are you trying to hint at something?? ; ) Love everything but the cloth diapers... ick. (And do you know why babies potty train earlier when they wear cloth?? Because they can't wait to get out of those damp suckers!! ) Seriously though, can't wait to shop for Baby Cox.... Whenever he or she decides to join your family!! = ) ( I recommend a puppy first!)

  2. Ohh we will get a puppy first :] Hopefully we can find a breeder SOON! Westies, apparently, are hard to come by since they're so popular. And yes! I do know that's why they potty train sooner :] Well - the new cloth diapers don't allow babies to feel the wetness at ALL because a lot of them have a wool interior. But they sell cloth training pants that are more cotton-based so kids WILL feel super wet and uncomfortable! :)

  3. I love all of that! I have had my eye on a sling for a year or two now! I cant wait to be a mommy

  4. Wow!! What a list! Wish I'd had several of these when I had Eric. Now I know for next time, whenever that may be. Thanks for posting this as it will help me tremendously when Greg and I decide to have a second little one!!! (And LOVE little H's room..too cute!!!)

  5. Fishey Business here in town had Westies just last week Shannon!

  6. oh my gosh Paigey I SAW!!! So me and my mom went in to JUST look (because I don't want to get a puppy without Mark, and I don't really feel like driving a PUPPY to Virginia for 12.5 hours!) but we went in and they were ALL GONE. there was NO sign of them. all they had was 2 kittens. grrr.. they must have sold them REALLY fast. I wonder how much they were selling them for!! Have you been inside that new Pet Stop place that used to be Pets & More beside Starbucks on Scottsville Rd? It says that they sell great pet supplies, like organic dog food and they do grooming but I can't tell if they SELL pets or just supplies.. ? I need to make a stop in there sometime.

  7. Great list! And, Shan! Although it may seem like a bad idea to drive a puppy that far, it actually is good! Some dogs HATE car rides. But our Bindi just SLEEPS(!!!) like a baby when she gets put in the car. I attribute it to the fact that we had to drive to Tennessee to get her, then drive all the way back. She slept the whole way cuddled up & warm in one of our blankets. Then, whenever we went somewhere, we took her with us. Driving in the car when puppies are brand new is SUCH a good thing! Otherwise they won't be used to it and will freak out any time you try to take them somewhere = not fun. (We drove Bindi around in the car one time for about 5 hours when she was probably 2 months old and she slept the WHOLE time!) :D

  8. ohhh we definitely want to get Ollie used to the car! I just don't want to have to deal with potty breaks for a BRAND new puppy for 12.5 hours. That would suck. Also, most of the Temporary Living Facilities don't allow pets. And I've heard that the ones that DO allow pets are GROSS. So :\ We want to get totally settled in Virginia and get our home all set up and then get a dog. I want to be sure that we devote all of our attention to our new puppy! Well, not ALL of our attention, but you know :] I can't wait!! Hopefully we will get our puppy around October. I would rather NOT get our puppy from a pet store :[ there are Westie breeders in the VA area, but whether or not a litter will be born when we want a dog is up in the air. Mark says we shouldn't have a problem at all. I guess I will just have to scope the classified ads every day and wait til I find a breeder! :] yay!

    oh, and on another funny note: One time when we were taking our Cocker Spaniel to the vet, we had the window 1/2 way down. And he was standing up in my lap with his head poking out of the window. Well, he got excited and POOPED ON MY LAP (thank GOD I had a towel on my lap to protect me from his toenails scratching me) but I freaked out, let go of his leash, and he JUMPED OUT OF THE CAR WINDOW! Right onto Smallhouse Rd.. holy GEEZ. We had to pull over and get him back in the car. So obviously he was NOT used to the car :] So it's a really great thing that Bindi is all used to it and that she loves riding in the car! Or you'd have to deal with a Weim jumping out of your Rabbit :D hehe

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  10. Well, if your baby is sitting on a bumbo seat, you might as well get a baby potty too!


    P.S Modern Cloth Diapers and EC are a great combination - reducing washing and baby's environmental footprint - AND cost! Babies stay more aware of their elimination needs - a good thing.

  11. Where do you find all this stuff? It's like all perfect. How cute!

    And decided on Ollie? I saw that in your comment :) I'm such a creeper.

  12. yes - I meant to keep it a secret, but I can never keep secrets. We settled on Ollie!

  13. Hi, please pardon the intrusion. I’m Mike Gatten, inventor of Miracle Blanket. Your blog was brought to my attention because of your mention of the Miracle Blanket. I can’t thank you and others enough for helping us spread the word because people just don’t believe us when we tell them it might be “this easy.” That's why word-of-mouth has been the biggest source of growth for us since day one.

    To show our gratitude I'd like to send you a free Miracle Blanket. If you don’t need it for yourself you might give it as a gift or maybe a giveaway on your blog.

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