Thursday, July 9, 2009

taking the fun out of fundraiser.

doorbell rings.
i go to the door and open it.
and two teenage boys are staring at me.

boy: heeeyy... we're the two cutest neighbors on the block!

me: *blank stare*

boy: hahaha...

me: :\ *stare*

boy: oh.. ha.. just..kidding... anyway, I'm here because my dad is making me go from house to house to try and sell magazines for my fundraiser. do you like baseball?

me: um, not really.

boy: well, thanks for being honest! i'm here to sell magazines. but you won't be getting the magazine. a soldier will. for only $48 dollars...

me: is there a chance you could come by when my parents are home? you'd have better luck with them.

boy: woah woah woah. did you say your parents?!?

me: um, yes. my husband is in the military and i'm living with them until he finishes training.

boy: ohh okay. what's he in?

(and i explain it all)

boy: okay then.. you must be really familiar with the Wolverines.

me: no.

boy: you AREN'T?! ohh... you mus be really new to the military


dude, aren't you trying to SELL ME SOMETHING?! you're doing an awful job so far.


me: well, yes, he joined in January. anyway.

boy: well do you have ANY money to spare for a donation?

me: not really. we are trying to save all of our money.

boy: oh. well okay. then do you have a bottle of water?

me: erm. not any in the fridge.

boy: oh that's okay. as long as it isn't 90 degrees, it will be fine.

*walk to get water, hand it to him, and say goodbye*


I mean really. He must be new to this whole salesperson thing. Obviously. And the water? I'm pretty sure he was just thirsty. At first I thought maybe they were collecting water for some charitable organization. But then I realized that nope! He's just hot and sweaty and annoying.

... cutest neighbor on the block? Puhlease.

teenagers. sigh.

in other news, i'll be dipping all afternoon. and, of course, posting about it. any guesses as to what the post will be about?!? and no, i'm not a tobacco user!


  1. I wish you had said "You must be new at this salesman thing too..." after he said that about you being new to the military. What a little butthead!

    Dipping in the pool?? Dipping ice cream cones into sprinkles?? Yummmm.

  2. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I think I would have had the same conversation.

  3. wow. idiots. seriously? that's so dumb.