Thursday, July 23, 2009

nothing really.

Today is a bad day.

Sure, I had lots of fun today. I really did. But it's just one of those days. I feel like he will never come home. I feel like I am so far away from August 26th.


I'm very easily annoyed when I see other wives say they "miss their husband" because their husband has been gone for the weekend. Ahem. I don't want to step on anyone's toes, but REALLY?! Some men get deployed for an entire year! I think those wives REALLY miss their husbands. Puhlease. Just QUIT. Thank you very much.

Although I'm really trying to overcome these harsh feelings. Really! I'm currently reading Faith Deployed - and let's just say that I am really identifying with this book! As soon as I finish this awesome book of devotionals, I'm going to write a lovely review for all of my bloggy readers! (Especially for my AF wife buddies!).


Today is just one of those days. Please don't tell me that August 26th will "be here before I know it" - because it won't. I really have nothing fun to blog about today. Sorry.

But we are only 33 days away today. That's 11x3. We like to countdown through multiplication facts. Seriously.

I have a pizza in the oven, and I'm looking forward to watching Labor Pains on ABC Family tonight. That's all for tonight! See you tomorrow on my 3rd favorite day of the week: FRIDAY!

THIS JUST IN: After Sunday comes and goes (my nephew's bday) - we will be 4 WEEKENDS AWAY from Mark coming home to me! That's exactly a month, in case you didn't know!

Oh - and this is unrelated - but Jon Gosselin was just photographed hanging out with Lindsay Lohan's dad. And then they were photographed later riding in the same car together. Uhm, weird? I never thought I'd see those two hanging out together! Hey - maybe he can get Mady & Cara an autograph from Lindsay! :]


  1. Me and you are both waiting for August 26th together.. That is my last day of classes before my graduation on August 28th.. Trust me it can't come fast enough! So me and you have a countdown for exciting things together?!


  2. wow!! I didn't know you were that close!! :D awesome!!!!! Now we can crawl through the next 33 days together :D

  3. Jon Gosselin is an official creeper.

  4. For real. He REALLY bugs me lately. Like he gave People Magazine an interview the other day and he told his girlfriend "We need to make our relationship official!" and then they were photographed looking at rings at a jewelry shop


    and he said that Mady calls him all the time asking, "Dad, are you in France?!" and he said, "She has no idea where France is!" grrrr

    Oh, and they're now saying "Kate was caught looking for a bachelorette pad!" ok JUST so we remember the story - they both agreed that when the other comes to the house for visitation, the other parent would LEAVE. so, uh, she HAS to have somewhere to go!! grr. They act like she is just ditching her kids for an apartment! Um, no! she's the one at home still wearing her wedding ring!!

    ... anyway :D lol

  5. YESSS I won't be so alone! I just can't wait to sign up for my state boards because then finally I can set a date for when I'm moving to California! uggggh seems so far away!


  6. Bahahaha, Paige cracks me up.

  7. I've read so much stuff about how Kate told him months ago that it was over, and that he could have his girlfriends as long as he stayed around for the show, etc. and I was completely disgusted with her for stopping her work on her marriage and only wanted him for fame. And how they did the vow renewal in Hawaii for ratings, and they were already in marital struggles at that time. But she pushed for the trip. I was disgusted with him for what he did, but also still felt slightly sorry for him because of the way Kate treated him. And here we are, and he's gone WAY off the deep end and she's the one hiding out from the media. Creeper!

  8. i'm not even going to start talking about those two. i could go on forever, and i'd surely step on some toes.


    anyways, i'm sorry your day is stinky. but hey... you get ollie sooooon!

  9. maybe.

    or maybe not.

    we won't know til tomorrow!