Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Today was an adventure-packed day. Teeny, C, her sister, and I went to Linzie's for a date this morning!

We chowed down on sandwiches, soup, and chocolate chip cookies. C has the evidence all over his face.

(picture courtesy of Teeny!)

But before that, the furniture store movers came to bring our kitchen table and mattresses. We shoved everything in our storage room, and - miraculously - it all fit! We have everything kind of almost packed. Ahem. It won't all fit in the storage room. There is just no way. Ha.

I bought this table while Mark was in BMT, and I bought it on a whim. Because, well, we needed one. And I loved it. And I knew Mark would love it! And he does. Whew! I only took a fuzzy picture of our table and chairs with my cell phone, so this is the first time he's seen the table he bought!

After that, I walked 1.25 miles in an attempt to get in shape for August 26th. Then I took a nap. Whew! Long day. With other stuff mixed in that isn't blog-worthy material. Have a nice day. I'm exhausted.

Edit: Look how big my other nephew is! Growing up so fast! M & I have 4 nephew and 1 niece total! And many more to come!! But don't worry - we will be providing lots of cousins for them in the future. Mwhahahaha....


  1. CUTE KID. :)

    and i loved our date today. When you went inside to get a cookie. (umm, the first time) we were talking about that lady bug that was on C's neck. He said he thought it was a spider, but it's a good thing it was just a lady bug, because spiders are poisonous. haha. He's a smart one. :)

  2. :D Haha. He doesn't like bugs at ALL! Thanks for getting that lady bug off his neck! You're a real life saver!

  3. Looks like smashing fun! I reallllly like that table!:D