Saturday, July 25, 2009

what I'm excited about.

Today I'm excited about many things.

-I accidentally forgot to mention that Mark has an actual coming home date. He will be stepping off the plane at 11:40am on Thursday, August 27th. As soon as I see him, I'm going to run up to him, hug him, and cry my eyes out. And then we're all going out to eat in Nashville.

-These orange shoes that I got from Macy's yesterday.

-These super cute oyster appetizers that I made for H's birthday party tomorrow. Just wait until you see his cakes. They are amazing.

Adorable, right? I love them!

-The present I made for my special nephew who turns one tomorrow. It's a big secret, but I will reveal it tomorrow after the party!

-Our storage bin is finally all sorted out and there's officially no room left for anything else!

we're also excited about the baker's rack my sister donated to us! Can't wait to put it in our new dining room or kitchen!

-We only have 31 days to go. Tomorrow will begin the ONE MONTH mark until he comes home! One month?! I can't believe it. Literally. We cannot believe it. Still no news on his RAP duty, so we aren't sure when we're actually moving. But, as you know, I'll keep everyone posted!


Things I'm not excited about:

The Westie breeder in our town wanted $424. Too high. We established early on that we would not spend more than $400 on our puppy. We have money, but we are saving it for more important things in life. And a puppy is not the most important thing in life. Sorry. We initially wanted to wait until we were settled in at LAFB and all of our stuff was unpacked. But, if I could have "found a deal" in Kentucky, we were going to get our puppy now to save money. However, $424 was not a great bargain. Now isn't the best time to become a family of 3. Our perfect puppy is out there somewhere. Or at least he will be eventually. We are certain that we will find him - or he will find us - and everything will be fine. Don't you all worry your little paws off!

But if you know a Westie breeder in KY, VA, or NC, let me know!

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  1. love you. love those shoes. love those clams for H. love it all. :)

    ...minus the stinky dog problem. :(