Wednesday, July 1, 2009

the move!

Yesterday took all of my energy. I tell you what: moving and buying a car in the same day? I must be mad. Of course, moving allowed me to see all of our wedding presents that we forgot we had! How fun. I really want to dig in our storage tubs and play with my Martha Stewart dishes, utensils, and towels! And our Paula Deen dishes, including a teeny pan that is oh so cute that could be used to make sauces. Or to cook food in for myself if Mark is deployed. Sigh.

And now... for a Moving Poem

Oh, dear garage...
with boxes piled high
toaster oven on top
bathroom towels to the sky.

Bed tray from Target
That I've been eying for so long
Yes, I've spent a ton of money there
But big deal - is that so wrong?!

Couches in our storage building
taking up too much space
I won't post my picture here
so you can't see my sweaty face

Moving truck full of stuff
Boxes everywhere
TV in the very back
Next to a big ol' rocking chair!

Paula Deen on a box
With her teeth gleaming white
I bet butter comes with this set
-oh wouldn't that be a sight!?

Finally it's all packed away
Our work is finally done!
Now that our stuff is packed away
it feels like our adventure has kind of begun!

The End.

And that isn't even all of our stuff. We still have more furniture in the furniture store's warehouse! Sheesh. But now I think I've gotten everything situated. I even ordered our new insurance today all on my own. I'm turning into Mrs. Independent! Truthfully, I've always pictured myself as a SAHM with kids on my hip, packing my husband's lunch, cooking his supper, and cleaning the house. All day. Everyday. Somehow, my life took a turn. A drastic turn. Down Military Avenue. And now I'm self-reliant and independent. What's up with that?!?

Granted, SAHMs are extremely self-relient. But in a different way. It's an entirely different thing when your husband's across the country for 7 months. Self-reliance kicks into a different gear in that case.


So things are falling right into place, and it's all going great. Oh, and in case you forgot :

I go see Mark TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Exciting, right?! We get to sleep together for four nights. YIPPIE!

My plane leaves at 9:50, and I'll be in Wichita Falls by 2:10pm. He gets out of school around 5. Our plans include: quick supper on Thursday and a night full of cuddling in the hotel room.

That's it. That's all we want. Well almost all we want. Bwhahahaha...

Anyway, I will be Twittering (something I suck at) to keep you all updated on my flight. Let's all hope and pray that my plane is NOT delayed. Gah - if I have to endure what happened in May again, I think I will cry. No - I will DEFINITELY cry. So keep me in your prayers.

See you tomorrow!!!


  1. Wow, you're always so good at the poem with pictures posts. And I am not! I am so excited for your trip tomorrow. Praying that EVERYTHING will go right & fine!:D

  2. You are SO stinkin' cute!! and so talented with words... I've said it before, and I'll say it again, you need to write professionally- or do something with that talent!! LOVE the moving poem... hope your scrapbooking all of this!! Have an awesome weekend- safe travels and on time flights!!
    Love ya!

  3. love poem and pictures! so clever! and yaaaaaay!!!!!!! date time! woohooo!