Sunday, July 19, 2009

Blast from the Past: Nephew Edition!

I almost forgot - today is Blast From the Past: Nephew Edition!

Oh, C. My best buddy. My friend. The best 4-year old nephew anyone could ask for.

I remember the days when he would sit on my lap and take pictures with me. Yes, I was a picture-feen even then. Not much has changed.

He would always share with me. Even when I wanted a chicken nugget from a Happy Meal. Or a drink of his Sprite. Just today he gave me a bite of his ice cream cone. Not much has changed.

I would count to 3 and tell him to copy my expression. He did it with ease. He was a picture-posing pro before he even turned one. Not much has changed.

And when I say copy my expression, I even mean the hard stuff - like a fishy face. He was just a tot, but he had mastered sucking his face in and stickin those adorable lips out like Nemo.

He was a ham then. And he's a ham now. Not much has changed.

And I took a liking to styling his hair when he was just a tadpole.

Not much has changed.

Tune in tomorrow for Not My Nephew Monday!