Monday, July 27, 2009

guess what?

I got a phone call from Mark at lunch (what a THRILLING experience. I never ever get calls during the day! We never communicate until after 5pm - except for the text I get each morning at 5:50! So early...). Anyhow, back to the story - I got a call from him today announcing that he got his official dates of his RAP duty.


What the fudge is RAP duty, you ask? Why, that's Recruiter Assistance Program, of course! That's where he does some kind of work with his recruiter in our hometown (but really it's extra free time to spend with family before we sail off into the sunset of Virginia). He will arrive home on August 27th, like I said, and will report for RAP duty from August 31 - September 11th. He got the full 12 days! Yippie skippie! That means we will probably move away on September 12th and arrive there on September 13th.

Hallelujah! We finally have dates!

Then I got an email from the housing lady at Langley. Turns out - she has homes for us to pick from! She is going to email me some different floor plans, and we'll look at them and pick which one we want. However, if we get there and absolutely hate the house, we can always say no and wait for another one to be available. So we won't be signing with our blood or anything.


So there's an elementary school in our new subdivision. They don't start school until 8:45 and go until 3:11pm. Does that seem crazy to anyone else!? 8:45 seems extremely late to start school. They also don't start until September 2nd. Errr... they start on August 2nd here! And they go until June 10th. CRAZY.

So that's all. Exciting news! I'm somewhat dreading seeing our new house for the first time, because it's going to be bad. But hopefully we can spruce it up. Maybe.


  1. YAAAAAY!!! the light at the end of the tunnel is FINALLY close enough to see. Maybe hopefully it will be blinding you soon enough. :)

    eeeeeep!!!!! :D

  2. WHOO! How exciting!:D

    And I didn't get out of school until that's early to me!

  3. Well Elementary Schools here start about 8:45 and go until 3:30ish.. They always started an hour after middle/high school and ended an hour after.. It's what I've always been used to lol. ANND they don't start until September 7th this year.. Maybe Michigan is just weird? Hmm I don't know..

    But on the plus side I'm so excited that Mark gets 12 days of RAP duty that is AMAZING! I wish Mike was doing it but I doubt he will because he's just weird like that.. But yet he still has a TON of tech to go!

    But yes I am done rambeling now!


  4. wowzers. When I was in elementary school, we started at 8:15 and got out at 3:15. My sister teaches Kindergarten, and she has kids in her classroom at 6:45am. I kid you not. And they go until 2:20pm. So 8:45 is LATE for Kentuckyians! I guess people in Virginia are just not morning people.