Friday, July 17, 2009

the newest show you must see

I actually hate MTV with a burning passion, but when I saw previews for their new documentary-styled show 16 and Pregnant, I could not stay away.

I la-la-loooove this show. It follows 6 girls (each getting their own hour of documentary) and tapes them from the early stages of pregnancy, through their doctor's appointments, trials, tribulations, tears, and eventually the birth of their child - then they catch up with them a few weeks later to see how things are going. 5 out of the 6 girls have been immature and it's very hard to watch. But, it's a wake-up call for all teen girls in the US. Statistics show that 3 out of 10 girls will become pregnant without "meaning to" by the time they are 20. This show is a realistic documentary of what being a teen parent is actually like.

So yesterday was the season finale, and they followed Catelynn - a 16 year old girl who had been with her boyfriend since the 7th grade. Both she and her boyfriend had rough childhoods and they both knew that their homes were in no condition in which to raise a child. Through much heartache, they decided that adoption was the right thing for their daughter. Both of the grandparents were extremely mad at them for choosing to go with adoption - which made it extremely hard for Catelynn and her boyfriend.

I basically cried like a freakin baby through the whole episode. Seriously. I was crying 10 minutes into the episode, and I cried until it went off. From the time they met the adoptive parents they had chosen and she spilled her guts and sobbed to the couple about how they knew they could not be fit parents for their daughter, I was a mess. Then the teen daddy wrote a letter to his unborn daughter explaining how much he loved her and that he wanted her to have a better life, I was a mess. And then when she had her baby, her boyfriend was literally sobbing in his girlfriend's chest screaming "We can do this, we can do this.. It's what's best for our daughter.. We have to let go!" ...I was a mess. And then when the adopted mom bought the teen mom and the baby a bracelet to always wear to represent that they would always be linked... I was a mess.

I have never seen adoption shown in this light. It was extremely depressing. I really urge you to watch this show! I'm sure there will be reruns, but just in case..

Here's the link to watch the full episode online

I am truly in love with this series. I hope they continue to film more expectant mothers. This show does not glorify teen pregnancy at ALL. It really shows the pain, pressure, and heartache that comes with being a young mother. I think it's an awesome show. Bravo to MTV (for once!).


This afternoon I'm going to see Harry Potter with my little buddy, C. This picture was taken at the midnight Harry Potter Party at Barnes in Noble in 2008 when the 7th book premiered. I can't wait. I reread the 6th and 7th book in June to prepare myself for this great occasion! Yahoo!


  1. Okay, Shan, I am STILL sniffling about that stinkin show. How sad! I tried to watch the other ones but couldn't. Like you said, they were really immature. I couldn't stand to sit through the episodes. But the adoption one was really sad...of all the other girls, that last couple were the only ones who should have even been allowed to keep their baby. They seemed to have grown from the experience.

  2. ha, I know.. some of those girls were horrible. Like reeealllly. Farrah, from the first episode, was actually KIND of okay. She had her awful moments, but she's my 2nd favorite. She actually told her doctor, "Um, I'm really sorry you have to look at my crotch" when she was giving birth to her daughter. LOL. Only, she was serious. She wasn't trying to be funny. Then when her daughter was born, she goes "Uhh there's something on her face.. you might wanna get that off." and the doctor goes, "um, that's called vernix.." :] so funny.

    I'm glad you got to see it! Even if it made you super sad.. sorry :[

  3. hey, i've been watching that on occasion! Austin likes it too!