Friday, July 10, 2009


I have exciting news. For me, anyway.

Remember how I had that Senior Exit Project to do to graduate with my bachelor's degree? No? Well, I had to write a paper on First Steps - which is a government-funded program where individuals with early childhood/special education degrees come to children's homes (ages birth to 3) who were born with disabilities or are labeled as Developmentally Delayed.

you know. my dream job.

Anyhow, I got an A on my paper. Yeehaw! So now my final GPA from WKU is a 3.5!

Even though I made a 4.0 last semester... and generally have made ALL A's for the past year and a half, my GPA is only 3.5. Drat that stupid Nursing major! And drat my awful mathematics skills that I hope my children do NOT inherit.

So now I'm a college graduate for realz. I'm hoping this is enough to get some kind of job in Virgnia where I can work with kids. I really want to work at the Child Development Center on base.

My friend told me to go to to apply to work at the childcare center on base, but the only jobs I can find on the website are like nurses, social workers, psychiatrists, etc. nothing as generic as working at a CDC on base.

Darnit, why couldn't I have just finished up my degree in Expectional Education!??! Then I'd have NO problem getting a job. In fact, principals would be begging for me. But no. I just have a gen ed degree with an emphasis in teaching. Argh!!! So frustrating.

There are 14 Special Education job openings in Hamptin City Schools alone. FOURTEEN! I'm fairly certain that Virginia would hire me with a promise that I would get my Master's within so many years... I've talked this over with my college professors many times.

"Satisfy the educational requirements of at least a bachelor's degree from a state-approved teacher preparation program from a Virginia college or university or an out-of-state approved educator program. The content area of the degree must meet the requirements for the endorsement sought. Individuals with a bachelor's degree or higher, but without the necessary teacher preparation coursework, may fulfill this requirement by attending an approved alternative teacher preparation program."

hm. Oh well. When I get to Virginia and get settled in, I'm going to truck on over to Old Dominion and have them help me figure out what the heck I'm supposed to do with my life and my degree. I'll keep ya posted :) This really stresses me out. But there are MANY openings for jobs called "Special Ed - Early Childhood" and that looks pretty fun and amazing to me!!! Little kids with disabilities? They're right up my alley!

Note: I realize that I've said that I want to work at a daycare on base and then a couple paragraphs later I said I wanted to be a teacher in a public school. Two separate things with a huuuge salary difference. I'm totallly confused, and I admit this whole-heartedly. But I love children, and wherever God puts me, I'll be happy. As long as I'm surrounded by kids!


  1. Aw, yay! And I'm sure God will put you right where He wants you to be!:D

  2. Don't worry about it, the job market in Virginia is pretty good! And don't be dismayed about, since your base should have an office at the Airmen and Family Readiness Center that may have more resources for you or know some leads close to the base :-)
    I only know you online but you seem so passionate about working with kids, I know you'll find something that you'll love!

  3. 3.5 is great!!! Yippeeeee! :) I'm so proud of you. Such a smartie :)