Friday, July 31, 2009

on this day.

Our favorite Airman hasn't been seen in quite some time. I thought it was necessary for some Prince Mark on our blog!


Today was the First Annual Blogger Girl's Luncheon. Brittney, Christine, and I met at Linzie's for lunch! It was great! Sadly, we didn't think to take a picture. So there isn't any proof that this meeting occurred. But I promise it did! It was fabulous!

Next time (if there is a next time before I move), a picture will definitely be taken.

We are back to the #10 spot on the housing list. Mark had half a free day today - his first "free time" in 6 months. And how did we spend that time, you might ask? Why, I will tell you later tonight! Along with some bright new ideas for our going away party.

Get excited.


  1. AW, I forgot about a picture, too, until I was driving away! Rats. We would have had some extra hands there to take it for us, too. Stinky.

    Can't wait to hear the ideas! Yay!

  2. how did I miss this post? I'm confused why I didn't see this until just now. oh well.

    I loved our luncheon. :) sad about the picture. but still. :D