Monday, July 27, 2009

this just in:

Our newly-turned one-year-old got three different riding toys yesterday. Two different trains and Mark and I got him a Fisher Price pony that you scootch with. It turns out that he really likes to push and ride on toys.

Oh - and he's extremely proud of his two teeth.

Today our big baby boy pooped blue icing twice. I heard that it looked just like actual icing. It held its consistency and everything! Now THAT is impressive.

Seems like yesterday! How did a year pass by already?!


  1. Oh he is soooo adorable!!! The pics are soooo sweet:)

  2. it's so crazy how time flies. before we know it we will have little kiddies of our own running around. haha. well, maybe like 10 years.

  3. HAHA Christiney, you are soo funny!!! Hopefully I'll have a kid RUNNING around in 3 years :) Hopefully!! and Hudsie is getting SOOO big. Tonight he was Skyping with Uncle Mark and waving bye bye and his little voice saying "bye bye bye bye" is sooo cute!!