Sunday, July 26, 2009

present revealed:


Here are some pictures. There were over 400 taken. I chose to post 10. I'll post more later!

big bro eating a hot dog!

swimming at the end of the party!

looking absolutely adorable in his new wagon.

nom nom nom

digging into his smash cake!

woohoo new wagon!

his awesome ducky cake!

birthday outfit before the party

Today my baby nephew turned one year old. Sigh. He had a fabulous birthday full of yummy cookout foods, a huge ducky cake, lots and lots of presents, and fun in the pool! I'll post pictures sometime soon - but for now I'll reveal the special present I made for my love. I love writing poems, and I like making things. So the idea of a poetry scrapbook came to me! I took an 8x8 scrapbook and wrote a stanza on each page - and then I found a picture that was associated with the corresponding words. It was beautiful, but I obviously forgot to take pictures of it.

The scrapbook went from the day he was born until he turned 1 year old. I still have 7 empty pages, so I will scrapbook his birthday party in the back of the book! Here's the poem I wrote for him:

On July 26th
a year ago today,
God sent us a baby boy
on a hot summer's day!

He was such a tiny baby
with dark hair upon his head.
He never made a peep or cry
as he lay in his baby bed.

Clayton was so excited
He finally became a big brother!
Aunt Shannie had a nephew...
but then she got another!

We put him in a hat...
and wrapped him warm and tight.
He was healthy and content,
this baby was just right!!

He grew up so fast -
right before our eyes...
Before we even new it,
Shannie was feeding him french fries!

His eyes changed from blue to brown
and he lost all of his hair.
And when he learned how to crawl,
he followed Clayton everywhere!

He fin ally got two bottom teeth;
he chewed on all his toys.
And mommy realized her hands were full
raising two sweet, wonderful boys.

Then July rolled around again,
and this baby boy turned one.
He had a ducky pool party
outside in the sun!

Just last year I met him,
so tiny, wrapped in blue.
I loved him when I saw him
...that baby boy was YOU!!!

Happy first birthday,
my favorite baby in the world!
I've loved watching you grow up
and how your hair has curled!

You're the luckiest 1-year old
on this planet Earth.
You've got the best parents and big bro
and they loved you before your birth!

So have a happy birthday,
and next year you'll be two.
You're the greatest Hudson on this earth,
and I will always love you!

Happy 1st Birthday, my dear sweet baby!!!


  1. Okay, tears in my eyes as I read that... That is THE most precious gift you could ever have given him!!! ( and his parents!!) And again, illustrates what a gift with words God has given you!!! You are amazing, and your family is so blessed to have you... I wish my kids had an Aunt Shannie!!

  2. aww, THANKS BECKY!! I wish I had pictures of the scrapbook! I got the CUTEST stickons for the pages. I'll have to photograph different pages of it when I go to Lauren's house next time!

  3. AW. OMG, you're the best aunt EVER! You are soooo sweet!:D