Tuesday, July 7, 2009

my last trip to Sheppard AFB!

As MckMama sometimes says, I hope this post doesn't make your retinas bleed. For real.
(or make your computer freak out and freeze!)

I had no Internet connection this time around, so that's why I've been MIA. Sorry about that. But now I'm (sadly) home, so I'm all set to give y'all some highlights!

Had a rocky flight but landed safely.
Got stuck with an ugly Mazda minivan thing.
Craved guacamole like a 9-month preggo chick.
Made husband go get guacamole with me.
Ate guacamole.
Became cuddlers-extraordinare.
Got "stuck" in TLF (temp living facility).
Had an oven and a dishwasher. Didn't use either.
Drove around base and saw Mark's poles.
Snapped loads of pictures of hubby with planes.
Ate a nasty 4th of July lunch at the dining facility with my AF Wives group.
Paid $2 to swim at the super-cool base pool.
Didn't watch where I was going and fell on my hands and knees on the concrete.
In front of everyone.
Got 2 huuuge gashes on my knees and almost cried on Mark's shoulder.
Went to Lucy Park in search of the water falls.
Didn't find them, so we had a photo session instead.
Drove to the local fireworks show.
It was rained out, to no surprise.
Ate a second meal at Jack in the Box with AF wives & hubbies.
Because eating fast food on our nation's birthday is the patriotic thing to do. Trust me.
Went to Cracker Barrel and ate a freakin ton of food.
Munched on Mark's pancakes. Marveled at how delicious they were.
Cuddled a ton more in-between all this.
Took naps.
Went to the Olive Garden with the AF wives group. and husbands!
Ate calamari with hubby and racked up another big bill.
Asked hubby to iron my shirt while I got ready.
Tried again to find the water fall.
Found it. Took pictures. Kissed a bunch!
Played ping pong with hubby just like the good old days.
Realized I still had it in me, even though I haven't played in over a year!
Insisted that we get his ABUs so I can dress up like him.
Put on the ABUs and posed for the camera.
Ate Mexican food 3 times in 4 days.
Ate a ton of food in 4 days.
Gained 4lbs in 4 days.
Kissed Mark goodbye at the hotel.
Cried after him when he left.
Got woken up at 4am by a loud bang.
Stayed up and walked to meet him at 520am.
Ate Cocoa Krispies at the crack of dawn with my man.
Cried some during breakfast.
Walked outside with him and sobbed in his uniform.
Wiped my nose in his uniform.
And said goodbye.
But only for 50 days.

It was the best weekend ever! In case you can't tell by my little summary of the weekend, we had loads of fun! In-between the knee scrapes, crying, and sleepless nights! Now I know you all want pictures! Keep in mind that there are 200 pictures on Facebook, so truck on over and see all of them there!

So there you have it! And, like I said, we only have FIFTY DAYS to go! I better start putting my party planning into 5th gear! That's 7 weekends to go. Hopefully it will "fly by" - but please don't tell me that it will. Because it probably won't. It's inching by for us. But this weekend was like dream for us. It was PERFECT! I can't wait to pick him up at the airport on August 26th. Now that will be exciting!!!

And our new (and final) countdown begins. It's only 25x2. or 5x10. We can do it!

EDIT: I'm sick of anonymous comments. I'm disabling them. Sorry. If you really want to voice your opinion, take TWO FREAKIN MINUTES out of your day and create an account. Then you can be a jerk to my face. Thank you!


  1. UH...WOW. That waterfall is beautiful! And it is sooo cute that you matched!:D Chris & I get made fun of for doing that. Hmmph. We think it's cute!:]

    I'm glad your weekend was perfect, but I am also glad you are back to blogging! I can't waaaait for the party!!!!

  2. PS Chris said it was super cool that you put his uniform on!

  3. Such pretty pictures!!!! I think 5x10 sounds much better than 25x2. 25 is such a big number ;). Glad you had such a fabulous weekend!!

  4. haahahaha we didn't even mean to match. in fact, I didn't realize it until we were looking at the pictures later. oops! :]

  5. Do you realize just how much trouble you could have gotten Mark in??!! Impersonating an enlisted member is Not what I would call cute! I'm not really sure what the punishment would be according to the UCMJ but I do know its not good. And to all you Newbie Airforce wives this just shows how New you guys really are!

  6. Wow-a bit of a harsh way to put that, don't you think anonymous? Especially if you aren't going to identify yourself?

    Sorry to step in on that Shannon, but whoever put that definitely should have the guts to identify herself, and to make her point a little more respectfully.

  7. I AGREE WITH PAIGE! Plus, why is she/he singling YOU (and all the other "newbie af wives") out?! M agreed to it! Maybe he knew the "trouble" and thought it was worth it to see his woman in his uniform! I'd have done it for Chris. Don't feel bad. You're a GOOD AF WIFE no matter what "anonymous" says. The END.

  8. Uh, wow. Just shut up. Please. No one makes you read my blog. If I'm annoying you THAT MUCH by being a "stupid new AF wife" then STOP READING MY BLOG. If you think that I some how "forced" my husband into letting me wear his uniform, you're crazy. And wrong. He thought I was adorable, and he gladly took a ton of pictures. And we stood IN THE FRONT YARD. I didn't parade around base in his uniform. And shut up with the "newbie wife" crap. I do believe that you were once new to the military yourself. And I'm really sorry that you have such a crappy life that you have to come attack me on my personal blog.

  9. "I'm not really sure what the punishment would be according to the UCMJ but I do know its not good."

    PS Maybe Anonymous should find out before she draws conclusions and is more-than-mean about it.

  10. Amen Brittney-if she's SO experienced in being a military wife, wouldn't she know that the consequences already?

  11. hehe you two are so cute for sticking up for me! I really appreciate it. You two are amazing!

  12. the punishment is 300 dollar fine and 6 months in jail. you would only get it though if you were parading around base acting like a troop. Just putting it on and going outdoors is pretty innocent, and very unlikely to draw any ire. Is it possible...yea...but highly HIGHLY unlikely anyone would ever say anything. Glad you guys enjoyed your time together, about 2 months to go until your first base!

  13. wow. that's intense. and if i was a good blog reader, and not 2 weeks late, i definitely would have stuck up for you too.

    sheesh. i don't have any nice words, so, i'm going to close it out before i say something i regret.