Saturday, July 18, 2009

a wedding and bftp!

Today I drove 54 minutes to Hartford, Kentucky, to watch my buddies Chad & Ashley get married!

We actually met at All State Band in 2004 when we sat by each other in the clarinet section! Later, we both applied to work at the college library in 2007 and both ended up in the same department. What a coincidence! She was my Scripture-reader in my wedding! And today I was her guest book attendant.

Here we are ate my Bachelorette Party:

And here we are in December at her apartment:

and, finally, not working at work:

I love her very dearly! Her wedding was a smash!

Sorry - I had to use my phone. and we were in the balcony because I had to escape fast to light candles for the reception at the end of the ceremony! Congrats to our buddies!! They're off to the Smokey Mountains - a place M and I might stop to visit sometime very soon! (more info on that later!)


While I was at the wedding, I got to missing my own husband. I think it's time for a Blast From the Past: Husband Edition!

this first picture is of us in college in the weeeee hours of the morning (likely before 7am)! As you can clearly see, I was prepared to study anatomy, but all Mark was interested in was licking me.

Oh.. 2006. Such a great year. But not as great as 2009! Tune in tomorrow for Blast From the Past: Nephew Edition!!!!


  1. I wish I could have been at the wedding. I really love the old times we would spend at Garrett hahaha. meeting weird ppl in the morning was kinda fun to. I love you sweet heart!

  2. blast from the past! cute idea! you're such a good blogger :)

  3. I thought they were already married for some reason. Neato!

    PS I agree with Christine!