Tuesday, July 28, 2009

some news. and a schpeel on reading.

hey y'all! No real news here - but we did move up to number 11 today on the housing list! Now it says we're 11 out of 21. Yesterday we were 19 out of 29. Odd. But I ain't complaining! No word yet from Housing Lady, but I'm checking my email 5million times a day, so I will tell y'all the instant I hear from her!


Sadly, both shelters at our favorite park have been reserved by some fun, cute family that has planned a family reunion. Shucks! This means that our party has been moved from August 29th to Sunday, August 30th. It will be from 3-5pm! If you know me & regularly read my blog, keep an eye out for an invitation heading your way! I just need more postage stamps!


C has now learned to pluck Mary Had a Little Lamb on his cello from memory. He sings his notes out loud as he plucks them. It's extremely sweet. I took pictures of him yesterday as he was practicing - but the pictures are on my sister's camera. So good luck on ever seeing those...


I have a new fascination with Flintstones Vitamins.

These dudes are as good as candy. I'm serious. I eat them for FUN. Just because I want to. I even sometimes go over the recommended daily amount for a human over the age of 4. They give me what I need to grow and stay healthy. They're $6.50 at Target and 1 jar lasts a month! Yum yum. The normal gummies are also tasty! C loves them too and will even eat them off the floor if he drops one. Haha....


My sister goes back to work next week. Sigh. This is tragic news for me. What in the WORLD am I supposed to do for a month while waiting for Mark to come home?! And C will be off to real preschool too! Today we found workbooks in the dollar section at Target. They are AWESOME books with great quality. Our 4-year old can already read sight words and basic short stories. He has a new-found interest in the states of our country and loves finding which state "Mark lives in." If you have a preschooler, there are fabulous resources in the current dollar section of Target. Kids LOVE learning - especially when they are being taught by their parents (or super cool aunt) for fun. And if you have a little one at home, there are also great books in the $1 section as well!

And, don't forget - the number of books in a child's home is the most important indicator of future literary success in school!

And no, I don't normally give a huge schpeel on my educational opinions. But I deemed this to be important! Read to your children as SOON as they're born!

Here's a link explaining the importance of reading to your child starting at birth!


Mark got some kind "outstanding" score on some retreat thing. I don't know what the fudge that means, but anything "outstanding" for Mark's squadron is INCREDIBLE news!

Today's Tuesday - that means it's Duggar night! Have a fabulous night!

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