Tuesday, June 30, 2009

our new ride!

today was a long day.
today we moved all of our things (mostly unopened gifts..) to our storage unit.
today we sat in a driveway for an hour and a half and waited.
today we jump-started Mark's car.
today we pumped air into Mark's car tires.
today we bought a car.

and by we - I mean my me and my parents.

Here she is - our new 2008 Jeep Patriot:

plenty of trunk space. great for traveling. lots of room. safe. GREAT deal. it's amazing.

I found out today that we have excellent credit scores! So we were able to get a great interest rate. Woohoo!

Our Jeep has a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) which means that it's both Automatic and Manual. So, uh, I haven't quite figured it out yet. On the way home, I somehow got it into the Manual-mode... and I freaked out. Just a tad. but then I got it back to Automatic. Maybe I should read the manual, huh!?

I can't wait until Mark comes home and gets to drive our new car! I'm so excited!!!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Mmmm... Not Me Monday. It's so delicious - I could almost eat it up with a spoon! Scooch on over to MckMama's blog & read what she has not been doing this week!

As I'm sure you know, Mark and I are looking for a car! Yesterday, my mom and I went to the Jeep lot to just scout things out. You know, just get a feel for what's out there. I did not immediately fall in love with the only Jeep Patriot on the lot. I took pictures and showed them to hubs. He told me to go back and just "see how much it is." So, I didn't go back today, find out, and then fall madly in love with it in my heart. I did not test drive it, have the salesman calculate our monthly payments, and then give him a check for $100 to hold it for me*.

All without talking to my husband about it at all.

I would never do something like that without consulting the Head of the Household first.

Tonight, I am not going to a Southern Living party. Okay, I am. But I'm certainly not going to spend $50 on a freakin wall sconce, tray, or some other expensive homey thing. I'm rational, and I always save our money. I clip coupons, and I'm a real frugal wife. Erm. Right.

Brittney always has great ideas. I mean ALWAYS. So she made that blog about the Yankee Candle lip balm, right? I'm a total lip balm/gloss freak. My lips require constant lubrication. It's a huge addiction. I can't help it. I did not run out the very next day and by the exact lip balm she suggested. I did not get both Strawberry AND Buttercream. I did not rub both of them on my lips and freak out in the middle of the mall about how smooth and luxurious they both were.

As you may recall, this week, Christine & I took Clayton to the waterpark! He definitely didn't need floaties on while we were in the kiddie area. It was easy to stand in. So when I looked back at one point, I did not find my nephew completely under the water. He was not blowing huge bubbles that resmebled a drowning child. I did not freak out and look up just in time for Christine to catch it all on camera.

I am always looking out for my nephew. Always! And he did not nearly drown three more times that day. Sheesh, what kind of aunt do you think I am, anyway?!?!

Boy, that day at the water park was so much fun. I loved every minute of it. We had a blast, and we ate lots of junk food! So when I got up to throw our tray away, my camera case did not tip upside down on my shoulder. I did not have it only half-way closed, and I did not hear a HUGE crash on the concrete. I did not look down to find my Canon Rebel huge lens laying there on the concrete. I did not scream OH MY GOD, because I would NEVER take the Lord's name in vain! And I would never allow my precious lens to fall on concrete. I love that thing, and it cost a ton of money**.

My nephew isn't really allowed to drink coke, but his mama allows him to drink Sprite. You know, because it isn't that bad. So on the day at the water park, I did not make C drink Mountain Dew with me to save a few bucks. He did not say, "This tastes funny! What is this?!" And I did not say, "It's coke. Drink it." and I did not remind myself exactly of Prince Charming when he gave his kids Mountain Dew that one time. Sigh.

So what have you not done this week?! Let it all hang out. Come on. It's fun!

*Note: The check is totally refundable. If M said he didn't want the Patriot, the man would give me back my check. I'm not a total psycho wife.

**Note: Our Canon Rebel lens seems to be JUST fine. Thankfully!!! I can't believe that happened! I mean, err, I can't believe that didn't happen...

Sunday, June 28, 2009

ohh just a few things.

I don't have a kid, but I love kid products.

I found a cool one. Rockabye Baby.

It's lullaby's for babies. But they're rock songs. And they're turned into lullaby's.

Sounds odd, right? But I promise it's cool.

Click here to hear some excerpts.

I fully intend on playing Hey Jude (the lullaby version) for our babes.

Heck, I might even play it for myself to fall asleep to. Who knows?! :)


In other news, I've quit packing.

I think that, if I ignore the packing-process, it will all just go away.

And maybe .. just maybe, my things will pack themselves. Who knows?! :)


Today I went to the Jeep lot, and I found the car I love.

Turns out, it's a lot shorter than I thought!

Which is a heckuva great thing.

It's a 2008. It comes with a warranty. It's the only Patriot on the lot.


I want it.

We might buy it. Who knows?! :)


Today was the Patriotic Service at church!

My very first one as a military wife...

and let me say: It was hard to get through.

Especially when they show videos of wives crying over their husbands' casket.

I mean really.

Then I had to stand up. Since I'm a military wife, and all. And then I sort of lost it.

But thankfully, my "mentor" Becky gave me funny Pug tissues before the service!

Thank God for her. Literally.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

a small update.

Isn't that the cutest little boy on earth? I mean, really. Well, okay. He's tied with this kid:

but anyway. I really have nothing to blog about today. Odd, I know. But I am now 4 days away from sleeping in the same bed as Mark. HALLELUJAH. We are immensely excited. Four uninterrupted days together. Ahh, paradithe* (more on that story later on!)

So our big car-hunt continues. We've added another car to our list that we love. My sister has a big old Jeep. I'm not even sure what it's called, but it's awesome. My BIL (brother-in-law) suggested we get that brand.. because it rocks. We checked it out. And we found one we love: a Jeep Patriot.

but we like this color:

see? lots of room! The new ones would be about $17,500. But we could easily get a used Jeep for cheaper! However, I still really like the Mazda3. I'm struggling. Who knew car-shopping could be so dang hard?!


Yesterday, Christine, C and I were sitting in the kiddie area in the water. Relaxing. Taking in the moment. You know, having a blast. So I say, "Man, this is paradise!"

C looks up at me and asks, "What's paradithe?!" (that's 4-yr old talk for paradise)

I reply, "You know... like, Heaven!"

C leans back in the water (which he has NEVER DONE BEFORE! He is scared to death of the whole baptism idea!), dips his head back in the water and says, "Ahhh... paradithe!"

Too. Freakin. Cute.

*Note: the kid in the beginning of this post was Mark as a kiddo! Adorable, I know. We are, however, thanking our lucky stars that he didn't join the Navy!

Friday, June 26, 2009

fun at the water park!

Today, C & I went to the water park and met up with our dear bloggy friend Christine and her sister, Amy. Christine and I have gone to school together since 1st grade. However, she chose brass in the 6th grade, and I chose woodwinds. Plus, we were never in the same class together. But Blogger has brought us together. So today we finally met up and had a fun outing!

C had absolutely perfect behavior. He is the most fun kid in the world to be around. You never have to tell him something twice. He's a star!

The kid-zone was super fun. We I love getting water poured on us me! C was so excited & all set to go on the big slides. But we will try that next summer!

He only jumped to "Teeny Tiny" twice! After that, he put his brave face on and jumped by himself.

We enjoyed pizza, hot dogs, nachos, and Mountain Dew underneath the shade. Healthy food like that is the only way to go on these hot summer days!

I love the water park! This place rocks. I mean, even though we saw a naked 5-year old black booty for about 15 consecutive minutes today.. put up with some weirdo children, and watched C go underneath the water on accident and fight for his life on more than one occasion*. Overall, it was a SUCCESS!

Visit Christine's blog for more pictures of the 3 of us together! And, of course, there are WAY more pictures from today on Facebook!

*He thought it was funny to "swim" and go underneath the water, even though he doesn't understand how to hold his nose or hold his breath. Yeah. Not fun at all for the grownups.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

we'd like your input

when we get to Hampton, we're going car shopping. i always love to hear your opinion and input!

our car needs to:

be $20,000 or less
have room in the backseat. if you know what i mean.
be safe
be cute

so, that narrows out Corvettes, Mini Coopers, and trucks of any sort.

so far we have 4 cars that we like. but feel free to suggest a car of your own. oh, and one more thing: M won't buy an American-made car for the most part. there are a few suggestions. but generally no Fords or Chevrolet's.

in no particular order:
(and the prices are for the 2010 models)

Mazda 3: 4 Door

Mazda 3: 5 Door

Honda Fit Sport

VW Rabbit

We are heavily leaning towards the Mazda 4-door. And, let it be known that we will be getting an SUV-ish car a few years down the road. When we need more room. If you know what I mean. Each of these cars is about equal in size, and each seats 5. But really 4, if you're realistic about things. Thanks in advance for your lovely advice!! We've been looking online for months now, and these are the top contenders!

*Note: After proof-reading my blog, I noticed that I wrote "It must have room in the backseat. If you know what I mean." I meant it must have room for CAR SEATS and CHILDREN. I realized it might possibly be taken another way. So, there.

*Edit: I switched the picture to a 4-door Rabbit. Not the best picture, but whatev.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I'm moving to Hampton, Virginia, in less than 3 months.
So it's time that I start boxing up my life. Right?
Moving is easy peasy.

My room is orderly and neat.

It doesn't look like a tornado whipped through.

I'm in complete control. My bookshelf is ready to be stored away.

and that music stand in front of my bookshelf is SUPPOSED to be there. even though I haven't used it in four years.

The two trashcans sitting at the foot of my bed are there for a reason.

(and making my bed? why, that's totally overrated)

I don't put my head in my hands each hour of the day, while sweating and think..

"Dang. I wish my husband was here to help me."

And his picture and Airman's Creed reminds me again that his job "comes first" (for now)

I can do this guys. I've got this. Moving all by myself? Not a problem. Piece of cake.

Piece of pie.

... right.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

a common link


Christine won!
All of these objects/words are things that MARK CALLS ME! Weird, I know.

Honey bear

and sometimes he will call me cookie wookie. because it rhymes.

lovely, huh? don't you wish your husband called you biscuit?! huh huh!?

that's what I thought.

what do the following things have in common? guesses?

Sunday, June 21, 2009

my littlest love

my littlest love is almost 11 months old

just thought you should know.

our honeymoony.

I started this blog in February. Over a month after Mark and I were married. None of you know about our honeymoon. I just never mentioned it. I'm taking that opportunity now.

Mark and I went on a 7-day cruise to the Caribbean on Carnival Valor. It was great. We went to the Bahamas, St. Maarten, and St. Thomas.

Took us nearly 4 days to figure out our way around the ship. Huge is an understatement.

Took a tour around the Bahamas 'cause it was a misty/overcast day. Saw some poor houses and saw some rich mansions. Found out that they still hang people in that country & they've used the same rope for over a hundred years. Toted my Mrs. bag from Heart Strings around town.

Went to Atlantis and sat in the huge chair. Felt like a real King and Queen. Which we are.

Watched my husband take pictures of the ship at night. Wind blew my hair to smithereens.

Smiled pretty for my husband one night at dinner.

Ordered lobster tail and shrimp. Couldn't believe I was eating like royalty. Felt the urge to order 5 lobster tails, but decided against it. Didn't want to look too greedy.

[on a cruise, you can order as much food as you want. you can order 1 of everything, if you'd like. it's all included!]

Arrived in St. Thomas and marveled at the beauty.

Posed for the camera before we took off for our first excursion.

Rode on a boat for a long time in the middle of the Caribbean and marveled at my hunky hubby.

Put on a mask and jumped into the water. Struggled to swim with flippers on. Finally got the hang of it, stuck my face into the water, and began hyperventilating. Yelped for hunky hubby to rescue me. Hung onto his neck for ten minutes while I recuperated. Eventually got the hang of snorkeling. Took pictures with our waterproof camera.

Hopped back on the boat and stared at my husband some more. Enjoyed some punch on the boat.

Found out firt-hand that all modesty goes out the window in St. Maarten. Saw lots of naked, saggy, wrinkly boobies on the beach. Stayed there for about 10 minutes. Sat on the sand because we were too cheap to pay $50 for a beach chair rental a piece. Took a taxi back to the boat and hung out together alone on our empty ship.

Enjoyed more yummy dinners together. Discovered that we really like Brie and Gouda cheese. Tried escargot (snails) for the first time and enjoyed them. Tried lots of new things for the first time. Discovered that anything is worth trying when it's free.

Held a glass of Mr. Pibb constantly while on our cruise. Discovered that ice in the Caribbean is not the same ice that we have in Kentucky. Posed with Mr. Pibb at various locations on our ship.

Enjoyed more food with my hunky hubby. Made rich Canadian friends. Thanked them after they bought us champagne to celebrate our honeymoon. Took one sip and was so glad that I don't drink. Nearly threw up from the disgusting taste. Realized that alcohol is gross and a waste of money.

Was ready to come home after seven days. Took pictures of birdies as we arrived back in Miami.

Left our room, said sayonara, and continued loving hunky hubby.

Received a $12 check from Carnival Cruise Line two weeks later. We love saving money so much that we didn't spend our on-board allowance from the cruise line. When we booked our cruise, gas was $4. By the time January rolled around, gas was down to $2. So they gave us money back. Bwhahaha. We really couldn't find a single thing we wanted to buy. We searched and searched. Oh well.

So, there you have it!