Thursday, September 10, 2009

bridal shoot!

What a fun day! I tell ya - I really like to be pampered. Getting pedicures and having my hair done ranks up in the top things I love. As promised, I'm posting the pictures from today's shoot!

But first I must say: if you need a photographer, Gabrielle Bush is AMAZING! She takes zillions of shots on her land. She lives out in Alvaton and has her own little river behind her house. Wild flowers grow everywhere, and she has gorgeous settings. It's simply amazing. After she has taken zillions of pictures, you come to her lovely house and view them on her computer. Then you tell her which ones you want to keep and which you want to delete. After you've narrowed down your selection, she burns a cd for you and prints them the next day. Uh, unheard of, right!? That's what makes her amazing. Yep. Check her out!!!!

And now for the pictures:

and more, of course, on Facebook.

And if you like these pictures, just wait until I post the ones of C&H. What could possibly be cuter than a naked 13-month old baby in a river? Really? Nothing. Baby cellulite is the best.

Then I'll just have to tell you about him face-planting into the river during said photoshoot. Get excited.



    And I *love* your hair!

    Can't wait to see C&H's pictures!

  2. You're so gorgeous.

  3. beautiful!

    did you have so much fun putting that dress back on?? ;)