Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ode to Bowling Green

Ode to Bowling Green

Bowling Green, Kentucky: My hometown
Home of the corvettes. Why, it's world renown.
I'm leaving you in 9 short days
We're moving to Virginia.. far far away.
I'll miss Kyoto - the best hibachi steak for the price
and the white sauce that goes great with the rice.
And Living Hope Baptist, the church where we met
I feel like I can't leave BG just yet.
There's WKU with that annoying, great big hill
My sister, Lauren, and her husband, Will.
Our sweetest nephews, just 4 and one
Bowling Green is just so much fun.
Greenwood Mall, where I get my Martha Stewart things
and where we bought our wedding rings.
We fed the ducks at Griffin Park
and took Piper out once it got dark.
Dear Bowling Green, I love you so
and I really, really hate to go.
Will Hampton be as cool as you are?
Will living in Virginia be totally bizarre?
Will they serve grits, hash browns and sweet tea?
I hope our new town's ready for Mark and meeee!


  1. SO CUTE!! youre so good at these!

  2. Shannon, You are going to be absoultely fine in Virginia I thought that too when I moved here to Virginia too. If you ever need any help of any sorts I know we do hang out but I really am an hour away and I would love to come and help you if you do need help.

  3. Fear not my friend, Virginia you will love
    A wonderful place to start your life with your one true love...

    The weather, the beach, the water, and the sand,
    How can you help but to enjoy it all with your man?

    So pack your car and load up the dog!
    You're off on an adventure that will give you lots to tell in your blog : )

    We love you, and we'll miss you-we know this to be true.
    Remember us all fondly, but don't be blue!

    Your new life is calling you, it's finally time..
    Time for you and Mark to truly shine!!