Sunday, September 20, 2009

the mystery of Virginia.

The Mystery of Virginia: Part I

We bought a GPS right before we moved to Virginia. To help us get around and things. You know. Well, for the most part, it's done its job. But when we're in search of a place we really want to go, something happens.

We find the exact address, plug it in, and we set off for our destination. All is well until it leads us straight into a neighborhood and announces, "Arriving at ______."

Hold up just a sec. It's a neighborhood. How in blasted stars is a pet boutique, Mexican restaurant, or store located in a neighborhood!?

It's happened again and again and again. Just yesterday, it took us to a fancy schmancy cobblestone-paved neighborhood.

It really stinks, because sometimes we get our little hearts set on a specific store, only to find that the Smiths live there. And yesterday, we were so set for Maggie Wags Dog Boutique. When it led us to a neighborhood, Mark decided to call their phone number.

A dude answered.
He said that multiple people call his house looking for multiple businesses.
He had no idea why people keep getting his number.


We still have yet to find a good dog store (except for Petco). Virginia is very weird.

Tune in next week for another spicy round of "The Mystery of Virginia."


Last night was cold, we crawled in bed,
but not in our room that's been painted red.
Watched "How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days"
At the foot of our bed is where Piper lays.
We laughed and we laughed, Kate Hudson is great
The movie kept Piper up really late.
The credits played, and we heard a gag
We sprung up real fast - and oh, what a drag
Piper threw up on our blanket, it's true
We held her close - we didn't know what to do
She seemed really sleepy, and we started to fret
It stunk, and our blanket was totally wet.
But she came around and started to play
She wouldn't let sickness get in her way!
We love our little dog; Mark's little princess
We laid in bed while Mark cleaned up the mess.

True story.


  1. Uugh, I hate when that happens! For the most part, GPS's are great, though! :D

    And I hope Piper is feeling better today!

  2. I seriously CANNOT wait to hear more of your adventures. I love you so. I hope things are all coming together. It looks like they are! :)

  3. Shannon-been catching up with you guys on your blog! You look (and are!) beautiful in those pics taken by Gabrielle!