Saturday, September 5, 2009

questions about God.

I'm laying in bed with a major headache. Mark is trying to sleep, and he has a headache too. But I thought now would be a good time to blog. Honestly, I just watched a movie that freaked me out to the max (it wasn't meant to be a scary movie, but it twisted my brain up, and I'm freaked). Annnnd blogging is therapeutic. It is.

Christine got me thinking tonight. A rarity, I know!

If you've read The Shack, you know that the author tests the waters of God's "personality" and goes against the norm. Christine brought up the idea of: Will God allow a nation to be a super power that doesn't believe in him?

So it got me thinking. Does God really care about politics? The Shack touches on this subject a lot - about how we are so messed up that we rely heavily on politics to remain civil and live amongst one another. It is literally the only way we can cope with each other and survive. But does God care about politics? Does he care about Democrats or Republicans or any of that? I know that His Word says to honor your government because He has placed them with that authority. But really. Does He care about which country sells the most products or which country is in the most debt? Really?

And then it got me thinking - Just how messed up are we, anyway? Do we even have a clue what life is really about? All we know is all we know. And that is a scary, sad thought. Some of us have only been alive 21 years (myself included!). We don't know everything. Heck, we don't know anything. I imagine that God views us as I view Hudson: Watching us walk around as we stumble and try our hardest to not fall. And I laugh at Hudson and sometimes feel sorry for him when he does get going too fast and falls on his butt. Do you think God watches us and views us the same way? I imagine so.

And, like Hudson, we are just trying to stay afloat. And get by and survive and wait for our next meal. And have fun in-between. But really, Hudson doesn't know what life is really about. But he probably thinks he does. I think we are the same way. I don't think we'll fully know what life is about until the end.

Isn't that a crazy, sad, weird thought? That maybe we are missing the big picture. We are probably missing the big picture. We are missing the big picture.

Sure, we have Scripture. And of course we Christians know that our purpose in life is to love God, serve God, and make babies and disciples for God. At least, that's my opinion.

But is there more? Are we all just herding around like cattle, trying to make a living for ourselves? Who knows? Something tells me that God is not fretting over the stock market or who won the basketball game or who won the Grammy last night. What does God "fret" over? Does He fret at all? He does know what His children will do. But still. He deeply loves us, and even Jesus wept.

Makes ya think. Do you think Jesus is fretting over you and your soul?



  1. I love that my rambling thought made you think! You know I've read the Shack, and I loved it so so so so much. I loved how thought provoking it was. Here's my answer. No, God does not care about politics. He cares about the stuff that politicians deal with. (Abortion, our country, we the people) but no, God is not a democrat, he is not a republican. I like how when I made you think, and I read yours, your questions gave me some answers. We make quite the team, you and I. I love you, and I love how insightful you are. Ive thought about the small child analogy before too. Crazy how we think we know everything, and we are having fun, just bee boppin along, just living life. Love that analogy.

  2. awww! You are so sweet, Teeny. You are just too full of sweetness. I love you! Plus, if there is an award for Bee Boppin Along that will be passed out in Heaven, you win.

    I can picture it now. In God's massive voice: The winner of the "Bee Boppin Along" on earth goes toooooo....... CHRISTINE BREWER!!! Come on up and receive your plaque!

    then you can hang it on your house. It would be in the shape of a bee, of course.. for "bee boppin" most def.

  3. hahahaha. Shannie! i just love you! :) :)

  4. thanks! annnnd I just commented on your blog again :]