Tuesday, September 22, 2009

our first home!!!!

and we now introduce: Our First Home.

See the three vases on the bookshelf?
One of them fell off the TOP shelf on our baker's rack today..
and it didn't even break.
talk about lucky...

the same bed frame my parents used for zillions of years :)
and, yes, that is our Cord of Three Strands hanging from our door.
and, yes. it's hanging there because we can't find a place for it.

Isn't our puppy cute?

Of course, many more photos are on Facebook!

Tomorrow will be a "fun-filled" day, including:

a trip to the post office to get a change of address thingy
trip to court house to register Piper with the state of Virginia
trip to wherever to update our licenses
trip to some kind of education office to ask about grants for military wives
and lots more stuff that I can't think of now.



  1. I can't get over how cute & homey it is! Good job!

    Also, I *thought* your cord of 3 strands was another poochie bell for Pi, since she can't get downstairs to the other one when she's upstairs. Whoooops...*tuns red*

    Have fun tomorrow running all of you important (but exciting?!) errands!

  2. I love your home - great colours. I especially like the kitchen. Very cosy.

  3. You've got such a beautiful house! You also got a very cute blog :) I just blog hopped on your page from Paige's blog :)

  4. I LOVE YOUR HOUSE!!!!!!!!!