Tuesday, September 8, 2009

ideas for tomorrow!

Tomorrow we are taking Clayton to the Paint 'N' Place. We are going to make something that's a memory of us!

I used to paint things ALL the time, because my sister used to work there! But I haven't been in years - since she quit. I'm thinking of making a platter with my hand print and Clayton's hand print next to mine - and above it, I will write "Shannie & Clayton" .. then below it, I am thinking of drawing us. You know, just two peach circles with hair and semi-stick figures (with clothes!).

Do you all have any other ideas? It's basically a pottery place with all kinds of pottery. There are all types of dishes, pitchers, picture frames, etc.. so any ideas would help! :)

He is growing up so fast, and I like to preserve these baby years!


Yesterday, while in the kitchen:

Me: Clayton, you won't forget me, will you?
C: No way. I will love you forever! Even when you get old!
Me: What about when you get old? The next time I see you, you'll almost be 5!
C: Then I won't be sweet anymore.
Me: You won't be sweet? What do you mean by that?
C: You know. Like, mosquitoes won't want to bite me anymore.
Me: Oh. Right.


  1. I can't get over how cute he is. :]

    And I like the idea that you have! I think it will be lovely!

  2. I love your idea! I think it's very special and sweet. I also like the picture frame idea, and you could frame a picture of you and him in it. That is something so precious that you can hold onto forever! I'm sure he will have a blast tomorrow!

  3. hahaha. he is SO CUTE. i love your idea, by the way. yes, yes i do.

  4. Curious to where "poor" MckMama moved to? They closed on a house on 9/8/09 for a mere $485,000 in Becker, MN.