Saturday, September 5, 2009

Chris & Britt's party: A Rundown.

C&B have been married for ONE year!
To celebrate, they threw a party.
And a party, it was.
And here's how it went down:

Dogs hid under cars

Sweet pictures were taken.

Cornhole was played.
Ok, a lot of cornhole was played!

Silly pictures were taken

Hamburgers & wings were grilled

Piper posed.

Piper was caught looking fierce.

Brittney was caught looking like a beautiful celebrity.

Best friends hugged while being watched by a boy.

Presents were given to mothers.

Mother really liked her gift. A lot.

Piper evidently had a blast and was exhausted.

Happy anniversary, C&B! Your party was a smash!



  1. so cute!! :) i love this.

  2. Bwahahahahaha. :] I have had ZERO time to post anything. Maybe soon! ;]