Thursday, September 10, 2009

the low down. the down low. really low.

I like to tease my Facebook friends. But, if you're one of my loyal bloggy readers, why shouldn't you know what's going on in our lives? You are what keeps me going on Blogger! You deserve to know it all!

Remember our stinky photographer that ignored us and refused to give us our photographs? Yes. What a major disappointment. Well, Mark went by and scared the crap out of him gave him a stern talking and now we are getting a portion of our money back! Hooray! In case you don't remember any of this, we never got two wedding books OR my bridal portrait for my parents' dining room. Major suckage.

Since we are getting money back, I am going to become a bride again today and get my picture taken! C&H have a wonderful photographer - and they just happen to be going for fall pictures and H's 1-year session today! I'm going along with them to get my bridal shot done, and it will be a grand old time!

In other news, I am becoming increasingly nervous about moving. Not about moving really, but more about saying goodbyes. I am not looking forward to saying bye to my C. It will be the worst moment in my life, perhaps. Sure, I know I will see him by Christmas at least, but it won't be the same. And we won't be best friends anymore, even if he promises that we will. I am a huge baby, and I'm aware of that.

Nothing is packed in our car. My closet is chuck full of clothes. We have many breakable items, such as my awesome pumpkin pie pan, in my bedroom floor. We are totally unprepared for the move, at this point! I'm ignoring all things regarding the move, in hopes that it really won't happen. I'll keep you updated on how that mindset works out for me.

Don't get me wrong, though - I am totally looking forward to moving into our home on Tuesday, unpacking all our wedding gifts, decorating our home, going to the beach, driving around our new town, and experiencing the Virginian life.

TLF (Temp living facilities) at Langley is maxed out. What a freakin BUMMER. You really have no idea. TLF is $27 a day and right on the beach. I've heard it's really awesome. So now we are stuck at La Quinta Inn... which, I'm sadly afraid will not match up to TLF on the ocean. Sigh.

For now, I am hiking off to get my hair highlighted and put up for the pictures. We have a lot of packing to do and a lot of goodbyes to say. And a lot of pictures to smile for. Mark is away being a moderator for high schoolers taking the ASVAB. Lovely, I know.

See you later, dear bloggy readers. I love you.


  1. WHOO! I am SO excited for you! I wish I could go with you and get a bridal portrait too. Hmmph.


  2. So he's just NOT giving you your albums?? Or are you still going to be able to get them? That's awful! I'm so glad you get a chance to get a new bridal portrait! How fun to play in your dress again!!

  3. love you. i'm so excited for you. :)

  4. Hang in there Chickie!! The goodbyes are awful, but as soon as you get on the road and stop crying and your breathing regulates again, you will be more excited as the miles fly by, and you get closer and closer to your new home... Great things are in store for you and the love of your life... = D