Saturday, September 19, 2009


Okay, I swear that real, large, fine-quality pictures are coming. After our furniture arrives. And after everything is set up. Until then, I'm posting mobile uploads. Mostly for my parents, since they're dying to see where I'm living. This one's for you, mom&dad:

Our newly-painted bedroom.

Piper's new bed! Adorable, right!?

Um, our really messy spare bedroom.
Don't freak out, mom.

Our bathroom stand that holds shampoos, hair stuff, etc.

Pink bathroom. Yay..

Our kitchen.
See my Martha Stewart flour sack towel!?
It's my favorite part of our kitchen.

Other side of our kitchen.
All the stuff on the fridge are pictures of
Clayton, Mark & me at Chuck E. Cheese!

Our terribly white hallway..

Our stairs are in 3 sections. Up, turn, go up more, turn, go up more.

Dining room

View from our living & dining room.

Bookshelf again

Living room with Mark

"Laundry room"
aka our kitchen.
See our little laundry cart? Yep.

There you have it, folks. I'll post more on Monday. Maybe. I don't know what time the movers will come, but hopefully in the morning! Today we went grocery shopping at the commissary, and there were so many people. It was insane. We spent a ton of money, and somehow our refrigerator is still very empty.

I think we will take Piper to the beach. It's turned cold here, and it's given me a sore throat. Seriously!! It oddly turns really cold really fast here. I know that Kentucky had some wild weather, but so does Virginia! I am ready for sweater/pant season. I also think that I want a Snuggie.

Today Clayton scored 3 goals and assisted his teammate in scoring another goal. I called him after the game, and he told me, "I scored three goals for you." What a sweetheart. He told me, on his own, that he missed me and loved me. I am sooo counting down the days until we're together again! There is a live creature kid museum in Norfolk. I believe it's calling Clayton's name. If you're from this area, or you've been here, can you suggest other places to take my 4-year old nephew? He is easy to please :)

What are you up to this weekend!?


  1. WHOO! I can't wait to see the bigger pictures from your lovely camera! :D But these smaller ones are holding me over. For now. ;]

    And C is SO CUTE! OMG! I bet he is going to LOVE VA and all the fun stuff you take him to do. :]

    I hope the movers come early for you on Monday. TWO MORE DAYS!

  2. How about I love your house. Love it love it love it. Especially the stair case. How very regal of your house. Also, I love your kitchen. I love the colors you picked for the wall. I like the red for your room, but ESPECIALLY the green. Also very regal with your fun time colors. :) I love and miss you dearly. I am excited for your reunification with C. :)!